The choose and buy of xi 'an air purification filters and air purification filter type?

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
Air filtration equipment

today, in many industries will have a certain request for air purification, such as health care, electronic products production environment, and so on, these industries in the process of actual operation, need to filter unit of choose and buy. The choose and buy of xi 'an air purification filters need to pay attention to what aspects? What are air purification filter type.

air purification filters is mainly in order to control pollution of dust particles, or cycle through the air filter will be suspended particulate matter in the air trap, that can be recycled and protect the environment and human's health, is widely applied in indoor and outdoor air quality control. At present, in a lot of clean room project, will involve purification filter installation and the choose and buy, its most cases could be installed in air conditioning air inlet and outlet.

air purification filter filtering effect is mainly in the internal filter material, the main filter material include fiber filter material, composite filter material, functional filter material, etc. , the composite filter material and functional filter material is a hot research topic in recent years is on the rise. According to the requirements of the actual use is different, xi 'an, air purification filter is divided into the early effect filter, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filter, junior high efficient filter commonly used in the early stages of air filter products, and efficient to the end of the filter is mainly used in air filtration system. Also, because of the different filter material filter air filtration product efficiency are quite different, therefore in the process of concrete of choose and buy, need according to the requirements of the specific production environment, the choose and buy of targeted.

in the current air filter products in the market, with fine glass fiber as the filter medium filter is still dominant, but membrane manufacturers are also moving air filtration field, providing efficient membrane filter, and improve the performance of the membrane filtration under low air flow resistance. They think, in the applications of high efficiency air filter and dust, membrane filter will soon replace fine glass fiber filter, but the xi 'an air purification filter manufacturers are still the mainstream of the equipment supplied by give priority to with glass fiber filter.

xi 'an air purification filter in use process, the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of its internal structure parts, to prevent the use of long time lead to too much dust, thus cause the clogging in inner of filter material purification filters, which might affect the filter performance. At present, xi 'an air purification filter manufacturer has a lot of, when the choose and buy, should pay attention to look at the layout, manufacturers of products such as whether the product type is more, ever services to some well-known enterprises and so on.

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