The characteristics of high efficiency filter and maintenance requirements

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
Filter equipment

is often used in the industrial production purification workshop, it is often as the final filter, air filter products in the system at the beginning of the filtering performance than the effect of filter, effectively filter, so often be placed in the purification system of key position. Hepa filter can effective adsorption of 0. 3 to 1 micron particles of dust, and then make sure that some clean workshop to the requirement of clean air.

is divided into a lot of kinds, such as the , , plastic boxes, jewels and high efficient filter and so on, although these filters have certain difference in structure, but in air purification performance and no obvious difference in particular, they in the practical application of air purification efficiency are high, thus can be used in a number of different areas.

efficient filter in use process, the need for routine maintenance, high efficiency important parts of the filter is the filter, filter and high efficiency filter is supported by the structure of glass fiber board, when filters used in air ventilation equipment for a period of time after the filter surface will accumulate more impurities, these impurities can cause air pressure loss is bigger, which affects the flow rate of the air. Therefore, in the day sent applications need to efficiently filter cartridge for inspection and replacement.

in the process of high efficiency filter inspect and replace filter, should be operated by professionals, avoid caused by non-specialists to filter certain damage. is in use process, should pay attention to its service life, especially for high efficiency filter, must be timely attention to their hours of operation, more than 1500 hours is needed to clean or replace. Purification for frequent use of ventilation equipment, can be in accordance with the fixed time duration of repair and maintenance of necessary, and once every two years, for example, or once a year, and so on.

according to the inside of the high efficiency filter material is different, can choose different way of repair, but it is worth noting that each maintenance way need professional personnel to participate in, and maintenance after the installation is complete, the need to make the necessary debugging. It is important to note that in practice, many companies don't pay attention to maintenance and high efficiency filter, overall performance of the filter is not high, so a certain amount of damage to the production of the enterprise. best hepa filter belong to the vulnerable parts, maintenance cost is not high, so don't in order to save some economic costs, and bring greater losses.

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