The characteristics of glass fiber filter bag, and what are the practical value?

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
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glass fiber filter bag is a kind of air air filtration product purification products, its material is glass fiber, the shape is similar to a small pocket, so called glass fiber filter bag. Glass fiber filter bag not only has good filtering effect, and it's environment is also more, whether it is food production, or chemical environment, such as in petroleum chemical plant, LCD screen factory, and pharmaceutical companies, will use glass fiber filter bag, its purpose is to be able to adsorption of dust dust within the production site and so on, in order to achieve the purpose of efficient purify air.

according to the air filtration product efficiency will distinguish, glass fiber filter bag air filtration product efficiency of a total of four levels, F5, F6 and F7, F8 respectively, the user can according to their own needs air environment is different, choose different efficacy of the product. The material of glass fiber filter bag is a kind of glass fiber, its similar to a kind of composite material, in its external secondary reinforcement with non-woven fabric, and so the durability of the product is very high, even in harsh chemical production environment, and damage will not occur.

glass fiber filter bag in practical application process, appear a higher rate, should the dust rate is high, at the same time in order to ensure the security and stability in the process of using, also has certain fire resistance, heat resistance, in high temperature environment, it is not flammable, is not easy to deformation. Glass fiber filter bag is in use process, will be wrapped in galvanized frame, also have a plenty of is given priority to with aluminum alloy frame, it also greatly enhanced its mechanical properties.

of course, glass fiber filter bag is not all advantages, it has a weak, its material properties is more brittle, so not enough flexibility, easy to be broken, at the same time, the wear resistance of the material is not enough, in use process, therefore, should take put down gently, to avoid its damage. Glass fiber monofilament is very thin, even than a human hair is thinner, so the processing difficulty is higher, the glass fiber processing operations including high temperature, drawing, weaving, winding and so on, the glass fiber is composed of a lot of glass fiber monofilament.

have a high degree of glass fiber tensile, elasticity coefficient is higher, its mostly by different kinds of glass fiber winding, lap together, therefore, in use process, as long as not beyond its elastic limit can be stretched many times. Ignition point and high melting point are glass fiber itself, have certain flame retardant, so it is safe and stable.

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