The change how to choose the dust-free clean room equipment?

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
Purification engineering case

with the constant improvement of the level of science and technology, people's increasing productivity, previous mechanical equipment now already can't keep up with the pace of The Times, so now the product quality requirement is very strict. To meet the quality requirements, so a clean, dust-free production environment is very important, a good environment is the essential condition of production is the basic one. Now, most industry production must be carried out under the condition of asepsis dustless, which helped fuel dust-free clean room equipment the development of the industry.

dust-free clean room is within a certain space, can the air inside the particles, bacteria and other harmful air pollution control in a certain concentration of room, and according to the concentration of these substances, we will to clean clean room cleanliness of hierarchies, large Numbers of cleanliness is low. Dust-free clean room also can control indoor temperature and indoor pressure, air velocity, air distribution, vibration noise, lighting, static electricity, etc. , so how to do is clean clean room clean processing? It depends on the matching purification equipment to complete.

then we when choosing clean room equipment, is there any requirement?

a, security: this is the basic requirement, the equipment must have reliable safety, we must buy from normal manufacturer factory equipment, and provide safety certification testing by the manufacturer, otherwise not be considered.

2, applicability: the choice of purification equipment must meet the requirements of production, different environmental requirements of industry production, so the equipment will also be different.

3, purifying efficiency: each device has its corresponding purifying power, therefore, when choosing equipment must be according to the size of the dust-free clean room to select the appropriate cleaning equipment.

4, air filtration product materials: good filtering material ( Such as high efficiency air filter products material) Adsorption of 0. More than 3 micron pollutant capacity up to 99. The wind is More than 9; If indoor smoke and dust pollution is heavier, can choose better dust removal effect of purification equipment, if the air is not circulating, can choose fresh air and exhaust air system.

5, the service life: purification equipment will appear as the growth of the use fixed number of year of reduced purification efficiency, now in the market there are a number of purification equipment which has the function of regeneration purification filter, this equipment has a longer service life, so you can consider when choosing to buy this kind of product.

the above is to buy dust-free clean room equipment need to be aware of what time, we must choose when buying the product quality and guarantee of filter manufacturers, don't buy the fake and shoddy products because covet petty gain. In the clean room equipment is not used, we can appropriate to equipment maintenance, so that is conducive to extend the service life of equipment.

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