The basic characteristics of activated carbon filter and attention to detail

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

about the basic characteristics of activated carbon filter and later in the process of the operation of the matters needing attention, can be said to be highly attention. So how can such equipment, can play the filtering effect? The performance characteristics of it have?

the basic characteristics of activated carbon filter

priority, the overall air filtration product efficiency is very good, can work 24 hours continuously, and do not need to stop taking backwash operation.

2, operation cost is low, and does not require high head and large discharge of backwash pump, the overall maintenance cost is low, no moving parts are involved in the operation process, so the overall failure rate is very low, almost no maintenance.

the third, because there is no use related to start, click on the device, so the installation of small quantities, important is one-time investment, can better reduce the overall cost.

4, filtering effect is very stable and efficient, filter material aspects need only take timely cleaning operation, can guarantee the high quality and stable filtering effect, and there will be no water quality fluctuation problem.

5, the overall cover an area of an area small, compact and beautiful shape, very suitable for different environment, and ease of installation and daily operation.

the use of activated carbon filter information points

priority, in the choose and buy when, everybody must be according to equipment related parameters such as inlet and outlet water quality, the system pressure to consider, so in order to be a better choose to fit your own equipment, in the later use process of efficient operation.

2, effective inspection must be conducted before installation, make sure there are no broken problem, properly for installation and operation.

the third, because such filter filtering effect are mainly come from the filter material of, we should pay more attention to the process of the choose and buy the choose and buy of filter material.

4, such devices are different from ordinary filter device, the pressure of opinion can withstand high temperatures and not because of high temperature lead to the performance of the activated carbon filter is affected, but everybody in the installation and use process must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of operation.

now activated carbon filter has in different areas and industry has played a key utility, to bring us a reliable filter operation, only with basic characteristics about it, and take the correct operation and use, to further make this kind of filter performance advantages better play to the state.

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