The analysis of the basic function of activated carbon filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

want to understand the basic knowledge of the activated carbon filter, in addition to the structure characteristic, also should consider basic principle. Now many manufacturers offer this type of filter production sales work, these will be helpful to everyone.

see first cylinder, very characteristics, using the length to diameter design patterns, and joined the hydraulic simulation processing mechanism, both the upper and lower have achieved good effect. Ascension is very helpful for water purification degree, at the same time, active carbon can also be used for a long time, save a lot of cost.

use activated carbon filter can filter a lot of material, water quality, for example, if through the filter processing, finally the content of residual nitrogen will be a lot less, basic can't more than 0. 1PPM。 If there is peculiar smell and water can also be good to get rid of, in addition it can also remove organic matter and colloid, etc.

if the water is cloudy, you want to change this situation. If the color of water is not good enough, or is the pollution, etc. , can all through the activated carbon filter to solve the problems. The present this kind of filter filtration velocity and backwashing intensity is an important indicator, is also a lot of people want to focus on first when buying reference object.

filtering devices currently on the market very much, but activated carbon filter is always very popular, in order to strengthen the quality, it generally USES the stainless steel, or is the use of the glass fiber reinforced plastic material. Add to activated carbon, have a lot of material in the water can be filtered out, especially microbial or is free content, etc.

if you want to buy activated carbon filter, can be examined from several aspects, first to see if the overall structure of the filter design reach the designated position, also should analyze the filtering effect of the filter itself, it can be tested in the factory, also can ensure the quality of the product.

in the popularity of water treatment equipment, activated carbon filter is always very bright, when it performs the function of removing residual nitrogen, after the follow-up equipment will be better to use, not only that, but can also be used to improve life, this is also to avoid contamination of high quality equipment.

we will see activated carbon filter in many places, its application has been the popularization and promotion, is also reflected in filter industry. If you want further information, you can communicate with factory, can also go directly to choose the suitable model.

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