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by:Booguan     2020-11-01
Filter bag

relatively, the filter bag is a relatively simple filter products, it is mainly used in air filtration and liquid filtration, it absorbs a large number of small particles, so as to improve the indoor environment and the performance of the part of the product. In brewery, for example, its internal often contain certain sediment, at this time will need to use the filter bag filter.

filter bag is a kind of simple structure, high filtration efficiency of the product. According to the use of the environment and the use of performance is different, the material of filter bag is very diverse, mainly in polyester staple fiber and PPS fiber, aramid fiber, proliferation black silk ribbon, pp polypropylene fiber as raw materials, such as due to the high flexibility of fibre products itself, therefore in the process of using, the filter bag is not easy to damage, and dust collection rate is very high, is the enterprise production of a kind of very efficient dust removal tools.

in the same way, the filter bag is often used in bag filter, its performance directly determines the bag filter air filtration product performance. So when the filter bag of choose and buy, should and judge the quality of the material and whether there are relevant and will focus on suppliers of patented technology. When using the filter bag filter, most of the dust will be quarantined in the outer surface of the filter bag, after purification, the air will be from the filter mouth into the box, in the outlet.

filter bag also can carry out secondary cleaning, recycling for many times, the filter bag for regular testing, if there is excessive absorption of dust, filter bag can be removed, to purge operation, which can be used to ensure that the filter bag quadratic performance. From the current filter bag technology development, at present the type of filter bag products mainly include super fine filter bag, filter bag, gradient filter bag and so on, the purification of filter bag can meet the high standards.

in the environmental protection into the backdrop of the rapid increase, the fog haze, PM2.
may be the subject of public concern, such as master want to realize to the air quality in many aspects, must want to some key position to place the filter, gas emissions to reduce the impurities and dust in the air.

the number of filter material of the enterprises in our country, but the product quality is uneven, the market still exist a number of low quality, low cost products, and some of the filter bag is the cause of damage in workers during the installation process, has no intention to cut the film coating, it will lead to different filter bag surface tension, more easily damaged. Therefore, in the choice of selecting the professional filter bag filter bag manufacturers, when installing a filter bag, should pay attention to avoid man-made damage, in order to prevent the effect filter performance.

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