technology used in air filters and purifiers

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Air filters and purifiers are equipment used to remove pollutants that pollute the air and make the environment conducive to relaxation.
These include basic technologies that can effectively provide real improvements to the room.
In addition, they eliminate second-hand smoke from tobacco so that it does not affect non-smokers.
That\'s why they help patients who are allergic to contaminated air and asthma in the market.
The unit consists of the following processes whose task is to reduce air pollution in the room.
The first device is ultraviolet sterilization irradiation, through forced air disinfection through the air of the ultraviolet lamp.
The device uses a fan to force the air through ultraviolet rays so that it can shield the light from the lights.
In addition, the device removes dead microorganisms from the room by creating a humid environment that does not support their presence.
The filter is also another air purifier that captures particles in the air by size exclusion.
During this process, the air ifs is squeezed out of the filter to capture particles and micron particles that are invisible to the eye.
This technology includes efficient particulate air filters and purifiers to remove thicker impurities and create a quiet atmosphere without impurities.
Activated carbon is also another option to purify the air because it absorbs volatile chemicals in a single chemical element atom.
This porous material is difficult to balance with contaminants, forcing them to change properties from gas to solid.
At this point, activated carbon eliminates dirt in the indoor air.
Air purification also includes a technology that limits the introduction of unwanted air to space for photo-catalytic oxidation.
This technology oxidation and degradation of organic pollutants makes it easy to capture particles present in the atmosphere.
Therefore, it enables users to save energy by degrading organic pollutants in the air.
The polarized media electronic air purifier is another technical way to clean the environmental conditions of the room, because it involves the electrified of particles.
The electronic medium combines elements of air purifiers and mechanical filters to help convert current to voltage.
Therefore, it creates a polarized electric field, absorbs bone particles in the air, and creates a peaceful environment.
The lion ion generator is also a purifier that inserts liquid into the electric field to produce liquid ions.
These ions are attached to the air bone particles and produce a small amount of ozone through products that create a peaceful environment in the industry.
Therefore, for the workers working around the factory, make the whole environment quiet.
The last basic technology used in air purification is titanium dioxide combined with calcium carbonate to neutralize any acidic gas present in the air.
This process requires the absorption of gases so that they can form porous coatings that can accept human health.
Therefore, this process initiates the decomposition of contaminants present in the air to create an environment of no pollution.
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