Tank cleaning cycle and high efficiency filter everyone know?

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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today, dust particles in the solution space have become a part of the important content of industrial production management, especially for manufacturing precision industry, if you are not under the environment of clean production, directly will affect the production quality, thus in the industrial production, almost always involves the construction of clean workshop.

tank will often be used in the area of high requirements for air quality, the high filtration efficiency, installation is convenient, it is called a tank because it take the form of sealing for liquid trough form, containing liquid, combined with the compaction process, to ensure that in the working process of the sealing is good.

tank often exist in the clean room, thus its filtering performance can reach 0. Below 3 microns, is often used in the air filtration product system in the end of the filter, the specific application, coarse effectively filter can be placed front, to ensure its always maintain good performance.

in fact, the tank is a typical form of without separators, the filter layer of spacer layer material for hot melt adhesive, filter structure of super fine glass fiber structure, its external support structure for the stainless steel frame or aluminum frame. Due to its sealing process, mainly rely on liquid trough for sealing, and its installation is more convenient, and the external structure more neat, beautiful, operation maintenance is easy, so this type of filter is often used in medical and pharmaceutical industry.

besides with the advantages of convenient installation, tank sealing performance is very good, and high efficiency filter inside the filter structure is more precise, the filtering performance is better, so the structure is small, very convenient transportation, is suitable for the regions that often need to replace filters filter equipment. For some area with higher dust content, need regular with laser particle size measurement, to measure the pollution of local space dust particles, and combining with clean, for high efficiency filter for necessary maintenance and replacement.

it is worth noting that the tank during the installation process, you should carefully read the instructions, required by the filter manufacturer professionals for installation, such as the installation time need reference frame and gas flow direction arrow direction are consistent. Hepa filter in the installation, should take put down gently, can't use a hammer and other heavy objects for pile foundation, prior to installation at the same time, the need to advance the installation area clean, avoid indoor pollution of dust on the filter.

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