Talk about the use of filters in rural sewage treatment

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter products

said without boron filter, you may not have heard of, this is a farewell to the past the traditional equipment, then a kind of new products. Abandon the disadvantages of traditional equipment, the use of science and technology development of advanced performance, this is without boron the characteristics of the filter. Today we wo yi came to introduce without boron filter working principle for everybody. I believe you will make it work.

through the filter medium, the strainer inferior vena form on the container space for a simple filter equipment. By joining in the cavity suspension, and then by pressure, can will enter into the inferior vena filter medium, complete filtering. In this process, there will be some solid particles interception to the surface, forming filter cake. So, once we had several filter, filter residue will be more and more, then will be more and more high resistance. So, we are in use for a period of time without boron after filter, we are about to stop filtering, maintenance and remove, so that the equipment work more perfectly.

at the same time, everybody also saw, through filtering, must from the cavity to the inferior vena, you need to there is a certain pressure difference, form the driving force. If we could make it through a certain method to increase the pressure difference, can accelerate filter, if filter is blocked, there are too much residue, air filtration product speed will slow down.

so, after introduce the without boron filter working principle, without boron filter what category?

in general, the filter is mainly divided into three categories: filter cake layer, deep air filtration product and screen.

filter cake layer refers to only through the filter medium intercept larger particles, small particles with the filtrate through the filter medium. This case is often trapped large and small particles.

deep filter filter medium is thicker, less solid particles in suspension. At the time of filter, general particle can adsorb on the pore, complete the air filtration product process.

screen refers to the filter material is greater than the filter medium, not adsorption of solid particles.

the three filter is not good or bad, it will appear at the same time or one after another, totally see everybody's needs to decide.

no boron today wo yi introduction is mainly from the working principle of the filter and classification, made an explanation for everybody, hope to help everyone's work and life. If you want to know, can go to our website to see, we will provide you with good products and service.

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