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For some, it might just be a potato bag, but because of Jessica Meyers of grade 12 student Pearson, sacks have changed the way Pearson College recycles waste.
17-year-old meles, in 2012, after her first participation in the WE Day in Winnipeg, she set up a sustainable development group for the school, and shortly thereafter, she started a program for the school, reusable in this project
This led to her taking the initiative to introduce two large water
Tight collection boxes donated by two border cities for replacement of regular recycling bins and keeping sacks dry.
To further reduce school waste, she launched a composting project in all classrooms two years ago, which developed into earthworm composting-
Recycling of organic waste using worms.
Pearson is about 360 km kilometers southwest of Winnipeg.
These efforts have attracted national attention as Meyers was selected as one of the four winners of the first Prince Youth Service Award, from more than 100 applicants.
\"I am very shocked because I am from a small town, which makes it difficult to judge what kind of impact you have on a larger scale, so I\'m really excited that people across Canada have come to realize the difference we make, Meyers said in a phone interview.
\"Even though I work in a group with different people and at some point my Sustainability Group is just me alone, we are still able to make some very big changes.
\"Once you get it (
Sustainable development plan
The setting, which is surprisingly easy to continue, is really beautiful for it.
People think, \"Wow, it\'s going to be so much work, it\'s going to be so hard,\" but actually, it\'s not.
It\'s really easy that I only have a few people to help me.
\"The Prince youth service award announced last fall was set up to celebrate young Canadians who took positive action in the community and had a greater impact.
The awards are described as \"designed to encourage young people across the country to realize their potential through services and actions, pursue their dreams and lead their communities.
\"These awards are presented by the Prince of Canada charity, and we are presented today on behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales.
Meyers said the idea of recyclable sacks is a way to solve a problem.
\"The problem is that plastic bags are always broken when we collect recycling!
So, it was a little annoying to us at first and then it became, \'Wow, we can actually do something more sustainable with it, \'\"Meyers said, noting the club, the school, together with the municipal authorities, has developed a sack plan.
She said she sewed linen with other students and ordered bags online for about three years.
As some of them need to be replaced, she said, a new initiative is being explored to use old cereal bags that are readily available in the agricultural community of the town. \"They (grain bags)
\"It could be more waterproof and we didn\'t have to buy new bags at that time,\" she said . \" She is referring to the possibility of farmers in the area donating old cereal bags.
Meyers said community members outside the school joined the school\'s sustainable development efforts.
While each classroom has a compost collection box with a carbon filter at the top to reduce the smell, Meyers says her compost project has become a national-of-the-
When community members donated worms for om worms two years ago, Art.
In an empty classroom, worms live and work in a worm tray, which converts food waste and organic matter into nutrients
Rich natural fertilizer that looks like soil and then is used in the greenhouse of the school. \"They (
Community members)offered to (
Give the bug to the school).
\"They heard we were doing some compost and they offered to help us get ready because they knew how to do it and they were really helpful,\" said Mayes . \".
\"It really runs very well.
It\'s really neat because it doesn\'t taste at all and it\'s very convenient.
There are hundreds. of worms)
Probably thousands of people.
It takes a long time for the worm to start production and it is running very well now.
\"The awards are divided into four categories: local community development, global action, social entrepreneur spirit and sustainability.
More than 100 young Canadians between the ages of 5 and 18 applied for the award.
Other winners include 13-year-old Dickinson. Drummer, Ont. (
Community Leadership)
Ashley Murphy of Ajax, 18(global action)
And Brennan Huang, 18, Richmond Hill, Ontario. (
Social entrepreneur spirit.
Pearson and other winners were invited to attend the Toronto \"WE Day\" on October \". 19.
Four winners will be awarded at the event
An award statue carved on the stage of Air Canada Center.
Winners will also receive invitations to participate in the leadership development program, as well as grants to help continue to work with their ideas.
While the amount of the bursary has not yet been officially disclosed, Meyers says she wants to use any money she gets for her school\'s tree planting program to replace the trees lost in the floods a few years ago.
Meles will attend McGill University this fall and she will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, where she plans to major in global food security.
Since graduating from Meyers High School this spring, the school secretary, Marnie macachuan, has offered to oversee sustainable development programs until another student volunteer takes over.
The panel of judges who select winners in each category includes Spencer West, My motivational speaker for us and the ambassador for free children;
Amanda Sherrington, President and CEO of the Canadian Prince charity;
Barry Avrich, BT/a advertising partner, Matthew Colin, founder and CEO of Freshii;
Joe Mimran is the founder of the Joe Fresh costume collection and the \"dragon\" in the TV show Dragon Cave \";
CFL Hall of Fame and former football player Mike \"Pinball\" Clements, vice chairman of Argonauts, Toronto;
David Martin, president, Horizon Capital Holdings;
And Maureen dokendorf in Area B. C.
Early director of the Ministry of Education. ashley. Prest @ freepress. mb.
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