Super efficient filter installation note have?

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
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super efficient filter application range is wide, the high efficiency filter is mainly applied to the cleanliness requirements higher industrial clean place at the end of the filter, such as electronics, semiconductor, machinery, pharmaceutical, food industry and some other places.

the advantage of the ultra high efficiency filter, this filter with high efficiency, small resistance and easy to install, its material is made of water resistant superfine fibre filter is made and be become, therefore, also can ensure the sealing products, and change rise more convenient also.

at the time of installation of the filter, first of all, to a large comprehensive clean room cleaning, prevent pollutants inside the filter. Clean room clean air-conditioning system in clean finished, or must first purify air conditioning system operation, and then should be to clean clean room again. After a second clean room clean, this kind of high efficiency filter should be installed immediately.

to install, also to should take put down gently, prevent because of the violent vibration or collisions result in high efficiency filter. Also should check the label and high efficiency filter, check and they want to buy the size and efficiency.

the ultra high efficiency filter must be clean after cleaning indoor apart inside the plastic packing, in open plastic packaging and high efficiency filter must be carefully check before the appearance of the high efficiency filter, carefully check the filter to see if there is any breakage and deformation, etc. In the process of handling, but also to should take put down gently to safeguard filter.

for ultra high efficiency filter should be carried out in accordance with the provisions and regular check, change and record. The should check the degree of the filter material when check, check whether the filter material deformation or air leakage. Check the framework, pipeline connection means such as presence of air leakage, also check the high efficiency filter box pollution levels and the presence of corrosion.

when replace the to stop running the equipment, replacing the cannot be recycled, can not use after cleaning, should immediately lost. After the replacement of also want to clean up around the frame, must have the spare filter, prevent damage of the filter, in the event of damage should be replaced immediately.

the ultra high efficiency filter in use after a period of time, because a large number of dust filter adsorption on the surface of the filter material, thus resulting in a decline in filtering effect and influence the use efficiency, reducing the air purification effect. So, we must to do a good job of maintenance and high efficiency filter.

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