steps for building your own dust collection system

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
Traffic flow: you want to avoid pipeline network running in high traffic areas or areas that may affect the safe operation of power tools.
For the performance of the dust collection system, it is important that the pipes do not sag or curl.
This reduces the flow of air and may lead to blockage.
Pipe work arrangement for fixing tools: Especially with table saw.
It is difficult to install a saw up.
Pipes rising to the ceiling may endanger the safe operation of the tool.
This is where you need to find another route for the pipeline.
If you have a crawl space then this is the most practical way.
Position of the fixed tool: it is important to keep the distance (runs)
At least from tools to dust removal units.
If a tool is too far away from the dust collector, then it may cause the running device to be larger.
Move tools to reduce run length if possible. Step 1.
Depending on the size of the wood store you have or the number of tools you want to add to the dust collection system to determine your needs, you need a system that can meet your needs.
You can have a portable system that serves only one tool at a time.
This is a perfect solution for a small shop, and of course the cheapest. Step 2.
Collecting information magazines, books, articles and the Internet are great places to collect dust information.
You would like to collect information about collectors and filters, pipe works, flexible hoses, filter bags, remote on/off switches and grounding kits.
Chart the results of information collection and comparison. Step 2.
Be sure to comply with all local building codes, some of which specify the location or sound of the dust collection device.
Before you set up a dust collection system, check if there is no code or charter that may save you money and time. Step 3.
Layout your system first draws a layout for your store.
Displays the location of all the tools to be connected to the system.
The collector is also found on this map.
Determine the length of the pipe and the number of fittings.
Keep in mind the smoothness inside the pipe and the number of fittings.
These will affect the airflow and may increase the size of the dust collector.
When making a transition between a larger diameter and a smaller diameter, a cone connector is used to avoid limiting the flow.
Keep it simple.
A basic system works for most small stores.
There are 3 fixed sockets dedicated to the tools you often use, as well as hoses that are only used occasionally.
There are 2 most dust removal units-
The port where the hose runs 2 times.
This will easily accommodate 4 stations, especially using only one at a time.
The dust collection system collects large shavings and smaller particles, but is limited in eliminating very small particles. When it comes to dust less than 10 microns, the filter bag is limited to capture smaller particles.
Another option with other benefits is to buy an air filter products to \"clean\" the air in your store.
This also effectively removes chemical contaminants from paint, polyurethane and mineral spirits.
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