squirrel fills up car engine with nuts

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
The mechanic who repaired the customer\'s car found it running very slowly because a squirrel hid the nut under the hood.
The mice help themselves to eat the food left for the birds, climb into the engine and hide them in the air filter.
The female owner brought her Honda Civic 1.
It will need to be repaired because it will not exceed 40 miles per hour.
Mechanic David Evans was confused at first and had a complete set of tests
Before removing the cover of the air filter products.
\"It\'s a solid made of nuts,\" he said . \"
\"I have been doing this job for 18 years and I have never seen such a thing before.
I can\'t believe it \".
He and co-worker Helen platst vacuum-sucked nuts for an hour.
They collected half of it.
Bag full of supermarket.
\"I\'m not sure, it could be a mouse, but I think it\'s more likely to be a squirrel,\" said Mr Evans, he is a DPE Autosport at Cotswolds in Poole cairns near Kemble.
Mechanic David Evans was confused at first and had a complete set of tests before removing the lid from the air filter products (Cascade)
\"The owner was as shocked as we were.
She kept the nuts on the bird table in the back garden and someone was helping them all the time.
\"He was in the garage all the time, and she parked her car there and kept climbing in the engine compartment and squeezing into the air filter.
\"He was doing it until he couldn\'t get in again.
\"Hide It: human furry friend, who at first liked to hide nuts in clothes, suspected that there was a problem with the catalytic converter, but a series of diagnostic tests failed to reveal what the problem was. (Cascade)
Helen platst, a colleague who has worked at the company for five years, said: \"It is clear that her car has been feeding birds, and a squirrel or a mouse has hidden them in the car.
\"Very charming.
We were just blown away when we removed the air filter cover.
\"The old woman who owns the car did not want to comment.
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