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by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter products

with the rapid development of precision optical industry in China, as well as the manufacturing environment requires the general improvement of industrial production, and involve in more and more industrial production filter equipment, according to the different using requirements, the filter can be divided into liquid filters, gas filters, and so on. At present, involve in the most liquid filter cartridge, its function is to filter the impurities in liquid or separation of the two different liquids.

it can be said that the main effect in the filter is the filter, if filter quality is bad, or filter failure, will directly affect the filtering effect, therefore when choosing filter manufacturer, should choose as far as possible high-profile suppliers in the industry. When choosing filter products, of course, also have a lot of customers, ready to focus on the material of filter.

in fact, the material is set according to the using demand is needed to further, if you for air filtration product precision is not high, can use some thick effect of filtering cartridge, conventional filter is made of PP material, the material itself is a kind of polypropylene superfine fiber entanglement structure, internal structure is comparatively precise and its filtering precision is in commonly 0. 5 - — About 100 microns, is suitable for the most basic requirements of engineering installation, for air filtration product precision scope larger corporate customers, will be a lot of purchasing PP filter.

folding decay hole filter, the filter precision is much higher than PP material of the filter precision, the accuracy range of 0. 5 - 60 microns. , folding are relatively weak hole filter is a kind of filtering precision air filtration product equipment, the filter of small volume, big filter area, so most of the filter manufacturers, water purifier manufacturers, will choose this filter.

of course, the filter in the choose and buy, can also choose our common activated carbon filter, the filtering effect is superior to fold decline hole filter, according to its different packaging forms, mainly divided into bulk compressibility, sex and compressibility of activated carbon filter has good sealing effect. Bulk filter is wrapped by a layer of fabric, its advantage is the connection mouth is flexible, filter manufacturers can be different according to user requirements, customize different connectors for it.

at present, in the field of filter manufacturing, high durability and polluting smaller filter products for ceramic filter, this filter our price may be too expensive, but the ability to use the bad water quality environment, filtering effect is very good, is often used as water purifier filter, using the ceramic filter to filter water, can be directly drinkable.

say so many about filter, in fact, everyone know, choose filter products, it is important to look at their own requirements, engineering installation can choose PP filters, and for producing some drink, in order to improve the taste of the drink can choose ceramic filter. Of course, in the process of buying filter, must want to make sure of good partners, view filter the background of the factory, do not buy blindly.

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