Simple to understand folding filter core change of relevant information

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
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folding filter core is indispensable in filtering equipment accessories, need to rely on it when I was in the filtering play a role of filter, and in the process there will be some impurity on the filter element, is necessary to change jobs. But may be a lot of people on how to change or replacement frequency is don't understand. Next let's simple for you to introduce this information, hope everyone can learn through our introduction.

in the use of air filtration product equipment, our folding filter core is in working state, at this time of clutter, the accumulation of dust or particulate matter is more, when these impurities reaches a certain degree, will the use effect of filter element also play out, so this time we'll note can be replaced. In general, when we were in the equipment purchase merchants may and you have been introduced, the service life of the parts will be about how much time, you can combine their usage for replacement, the replacement still need everyone to take control of frequency. In addition, many clients using the device's frequency is not high, they will think the folding filter core don't need to be replaced, the later can also be used, we want to remind you about this point, sometimes the equipment in idle time will be affected by many external factors, the use effect of filter accessories may be compromised, so still need to pay attention to the timely replacement.

to replace the method of folding filter core everyone can do it in the following simple to understand: first of all, we should give the power of the equipment to cut off, in order to avoid electric shock accidents occurred in the process of operation, bring bad effects of the personal safety of staff. Then, we need to remove. In the process of disassembly, everybody must according to the filtration equipment parts installation steps, from outside to inside in order to remove, use a screwdriver to shell, filter, filter to remove, in turn is removed, we can install the new folding filter core. After, we should pay attention to, in accordance with the original steps, install the removed parts one by one back, paying special attention to is that the number of screws in equipment is more, we should carefully for installation, don't miss, lest affect equipment use.

the above is what we are to bring about the folding filter core change related information of simple introduction, through our introduction, believe everybody has certain harvest. Of course, if you know more about your knowledge of it has demand, we welcome you to the wo yi's website for further consultation, I believe you will have more harvest.

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