Simple to understand air filter method is used to effectively improve the efficiency of equipment used daily

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
Filter products

air filter products is a use of filter equipment, with better effect for the device, is used when using mesh, people for the use of the mesh of it, and whether often change may be a little understanding is needed. Next, we came to introduce the related knowledge of air filter mesh, hope to be of help.

as we all know, air filter products's main function is to have the filtering effect, and make the device, is inseparable from the mesh using effect, through the filter mesh, can filter the impurities to walk, make people get clean air.

first of all, we are going to introduce the use of filter installation. Filter and the filter can be split apart, usually first time use, we need to undertake a first installation. Devices have certain install screw, we need to give it to rotate, and then went in mesh to press, then rotate the screw back, fixed installation. At this time we have to know is that an air filter and its use of mesh need to match each other, related to the size and specifications requires only can be used, if is to use the original screen you can needn't worry about that, if this is your purchase another, we should pay attention to measure good measure before buying, in order to avoid inappropriate!

second, air filter in use process often need to change the filter. After long time use of the equipment, the impurities in the air are attached to the screen, over time will form the accumulation of dirt, not in time for replacement or a cleaning, equipment of air air filtration product effect will be greatly reduced. So, we advise you to regularly to screen pack to tear open come down to be replaced, if the mesh is not dirty we suggest that you can soak filter in detergent washing, the dust and stains on the surface of the to rinse, dry again after installation. Note if the mesh net surface has become more requires timely replace old words.

, we want to say is we should pay attention to not to air filter used in high temperature environment, mesh easy deformation and damage in high temperature environment. Above is what we bring you about the air filter using relevant knowledge, through our introduction, hope to be able to help us improve for the equipment use skills, also hope that we can better maintenance equipment, makes the equipment play a better filtering effect.

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