Self-cleaning air filter preprocessing work is how?

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
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in the past two years, the rapid development of our country industry and related industries, making self-cleaning air filter auxiliary good helper of all daily work environment, can bring effective help for the clean pollution-free space. So for this type of filter used, everybody should have what basic safety procedures?

self-cleaning air filter of basic safety procedures

the basic requirement of the priority, in view of the compression space, need to maintain a clean, dry and oil free state, before the boot operation self-cleaning air filter, need clean air chamber in qing dynasty, after net of gas indoor to wipe clean, reoccupy wet flour to touch ash treatment.

second, regular cleaning of keep foundation of inlet protection network, because the self-cleaning air filter after running for a period of time, will be infected with dirt, dirt and other debris, this time can lead to filtering effect is reduced, and increase resistance. Regularly clean protection network can effectively reduce the resistance issue, maintain air filtration product equipment filtering effect is better.

3, filtering cylinder cleaning should be in strict accordance with the provisions of the method, the use of compressed air for repeated back pulse mode, to achieve effective to filter cartridge soot cleaning effect.

4, filtering cylinder in use after a period of time, in order to ensure the overall working efficiency of self-cleaning air filter, and must be replaced, Suggestions to the original manufacturer to purchase the same specifications of the filter element, is often the case, we suggest that eight 12 months or so to replace a cartridge filters.

the fifth, for the outer packing self-cleaning air filter products, suggest haven't install apart plastic packaging, it may bring serious pollution situation of filter elements.

6, in clean this type of filter equipment, must first be power disconnected, so you can begin to remove the filter element.

7, after the cleaning of different filter elements, after must wait until they are completely dry, can be put back in box.

8, everyone within the clean maintenance program, should carefully check the self-cleaning air filter element is related damage phenomenon exists.

this two years, the use of self-cleaning air filter can be gradually frequently, different areas of the merchants have installed the high-tech equipment, bring yourself more clean working environment. Hope that through the above simple introduction, can help you for this type of filter unit basic safety rules has a preliminary understanding, in the later use process to make the right store operation.

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