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by:Booguan     2020-11-05
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in many production work, will meet the need for filtering work situation, such as for the environment cleanliness is higher, the need for air filter products, if it is some of the raw material need to increase the purity, is the need for liquid filtration, at this time will need to use the filter material, filtering material very much, the filter is one of the very common, wo yi small make up remind everyone here, choosing appropriate filter, can help enterprises to a certain extent to achieve the effect of authors mention effect, so how to choose? Consider the following several aspects.

the nature of the filtering work

first take into account the inevitable is the nature of the filter, after all, what is the physical adsorption method can complete the filtration, still need chemical adsorption method, or request to carry on physical adsorption can be simple chemical adsorption? If the nature of the characteristics of the filter itself and filtering work is not consistent, filtering, work was hard to finish, if you only have a single adsorption ability, but need to work for two different adsorption, two filter easy to cause the waste of production time, and filtering work raises costs, so make sure the nature of the filtering work, buy have correspondence qualitative filter.

the precision of filtering work

the second note is the precision of the filter, if not appropriate precision, lower may lead to the need for precision air filtration product, buy to high precision filter, and usually high precision filter prices are relatively expensive, this will lead to filter raises costs. If you need the filtration precision is higher, but buy filter filtration precision is low, may lead to bad effect and efficiency of the work of filtering, it a very big effect for production work.

the strength of the filter work

of course also need to consider to the intensity of the work, if work load capacity can't meet the work strength of the filter, the filter screen in the use of a short period of time will appear after the damaged phenomenon, and frequent replacement of filter will affect the normal production work, extend the production cycle, many products are made there is no way in the normal production cycle, to some extent, it will no doubt cause production time cost has increased, the increase of the recessive production workforce.

how to choose the filter? You can start from the above several aspects, choose to suit their own production filter, makes the production cost can be controlled within a reasonable range.

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