save gas, save money: 66 ways to spend less on gasoline

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
While the rise in oil prices has allowed gasoline prices to soar faster than the melting rate of glaciers caused by global warming, people around the world are preparing to cross
Travel on the Country Road to Grand Canyon National Park and Maine summer camp.
We really can\'t argue with that innate desire that is closer to nature, to the open path, and whether you are a dead person --
Hard cyclists or people who are still driving an SUV, it is likely that you plan to drive somewhere this summer.
So whether you\'re cleaning up the Prius stuffto-
Drag the boat far away for camping
Away from the coast, or just to fight traffic in Crosstown, the money-and gas-
Savings tips are designed to help you squeeze the last bit of energy out of precious gasoline-
It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
This is a comprehensive list. -
Several tasks should be done even before driving;
Others need to make some minor adjustments to your driving style.
All of this is designed to help you drive a little greener. 2.
How are you doing?
Check the suspension and chassis parts for occasional deviations.
Curved wheels, axles, bad impact, broken springs, etc, create engine resistance and are not safe at high driving speeds. 3.
Is your air filter products clean?
When the engine air filter blocks dirt, dust, and insects, it causes your engine to work harder and your car to become less fuel --efficient.
Changing the clogged air filter products can increase your gasoline mileage by 10%.
It is a good idea to check the engine air filter products every time you change oil. 4.
What grade is your oil?
You can use the oil grade recommended by the manufacturer to increase the gasoline mileage of the car.
Select the oil with the words \"energy saving\" on the API performance label;
This oil contains friction.
Reduce additives. 5. Got shade?
Buy a good windshield.
The windshield blocks the sun and helps prevent heat from entering the car.
This will help reduce the use of air conditioning in the summer. 7.
Use the lowest Cetane value you can use.
Buy a minimum grade or sixteen degrees of gasoline that suits your car;
Expensive fuel prices do not increase the fuel economy of cars. 8.
Tighten the hat
If your car tank has an escape passage, the gas will evaporate from the tank.
Loose, lost or damaged gas caps can cause millions of gallons of gas to evaporate each year. 9.
When you\'re near empty
Don\'t fill up until your tank is near empty;
This will increase your gasoline as you ship lighter gasoline when the tank is close to empty. 10.
Find credit card discounts.
Some credit cards save gas when you shop using a credit card.
It\'s like some credit card companies often give you --
Flying miles when you buy using their card. 11.
Members have their privileges.
Some gas stations offer membership benefits.
When you use their store membership card, there are also department stores and grocery stores that offer discounts on fuel pumps. 12.
Screw the brand name.
In the field of gas, the brand is meaningless;
They all use the same refineries, trucks and pipes to transport fuel.
In terms of natural gas prices, cost savings are required. 13.
Stare at the prize.
When you drive, put out the price of gasoline (
But be careful on the road, Smokey. )
Some gas stations also offer complimentary full coffee.
If it\'s not a shadow-
Organic planting? Meh. . . live a little. 14.
Don\'t despair.
After a long thirst, the first gas station you meet will never be the cheapest --
Drive a little further to find a cheaper station. 15.
Don\'t go around in the city.
Don\'t drive pricing for gas locally, the miles you drive will almost certainly eliminate savings and stopand-
City traffic has a certain impact on your average efficiency, not to mention your greenhouse gas emissions. 16.
Exit, left side of stage.
On the highway.
On the highway, at the exit of a medium-sized city, go to the city center.
There may be several gas stations near the ramp, and petrol is cheaper. 18.
Do you know where you\'re going?
Do you confirm that the address you get does exist and is accurate?
If not, you may waste fuel and time on lost miles. 19.
Have you done your due diligence?
Use Interwebz, newspaper, or phone book to compare stores before you drive to several stores. 20.
Do they have what you want?
Restaurants often wait a long time, products may be out of stock, etc.
Confirm where you are going to ship before you arrive. 21.
Can you deliver the goods?
Find a company that is willing to deliver what you need to your home.
Amazon, dry cleaning delivery, food and anything else that can bring you what you need without burning gas can save some loot and warm the planet. 22.
Do you have to go now?
Travel in the field
Peak times reduce your time in traffic, waiting for lights, etc. 23.
Can you combine travel?
Combine errands into one trip and plan your itinerary for the most effective route.
You can save time and money. 25.
Is there a choice for public transportation?
Study public transportation;
It can be faster when you drive around and park. 26.
Do you want to rent a car?
Small cars almost always have better fuel economy due to small quality;
In some cases, you may want to rent a smaller car to travel instead of using your own. (
Instead, you can also choose to buy a smaller car from get-
Go, rent a bigger one only if necessary. )27.
Is the square footage of your vehicle maximized?
For human goods, carpooling reduces the monotony of travel and the cost of natural gas-
All the riders came to help.
Carpooling can also reduce traffic congestion and make it easier and more economical for drivers to operate.
If you transport materials such as wood, fill the whole vehicle every time you travel. 29.
Use alternate roads when safer, shorter, and straighter.
Travel distance difference-
Keep in mind that extra gas is required for corners, corners and Lane jumps.
The shortest distance between the two points is always straight like a crow. 30.
Avoid heavy traffic and heavy traffic lights.
If you have to stop a lot, the shortest route is not always the most fuel efficient. 32. Lose the top.
Removing the vinyl top causes air resistance. 33. Lose the racks.
If you don\'t need a ski, bike or luggage rack, remove it from your roof.
They also cause air resistance. 34.
Lose the rest of the weight.
Dispose of all the excess tires, rear seats and unnecessary heavy objects.
The extra weight can reduce the mileage, especially when driving at a tilt. 35.
Truck, drop the tailgate.
Due to the small wind resistance, you will get more miles if you drop the tailgate. 36. Use your GPS.
The GPS device will soon pay for the wasted time and gas. 38.
Close the roof of the sun or moon.
Opening these increases resistance. 39.
Turn the key over and start moving.
Modern vehicles don\'t need to warm up even on cold mornings-
30 seconds is enough time. 40.
Turn off the choke.
If the car is accelerating, check whether the automatic choke is out after the engine is preheated. 41.
Check for leaks.
Before you drive out, check to see if there is a tank leak in the driveway.
Over time, even small ones will waste a lot of fuel. 43.
No more than the statutory speed limit.
No matter how difficult it is to understand, what is the main goal of speed limit for your travel safety.
However, this is also a good estimate of the most effective speed of the road. 44.
Brake carefully.
When the car accelerates, it consumes the most gasoline, while the moving car doesn\'t need much gas to keep moving.
Ideally, the use of brakes should be saved-
Expert hypermilers rolls to a dead stop at every red light and parking sign. 45.
Morning shift and evening shift.
If you have a manual transmission and want to save some gas, here\'s a hot tip: you need to get on file as soon as possible and get on file at the last minute. 46.
Avoid hard stops.
You will also fall into panic or struggle for it;
Parking signs, sidewalks and traffic lights are expected. 47.
Stand Up: use only your right foot.
To avoid stepping on the brakes and wasting gas, control the two pedals with the right foot. 48. Don\'t weave.
The more you weave, the more gas you burn.
Keep your wheels still and steady as she walks. 49.
Don\'t speed up the mountain.
Don\'t speed up the mountain.
When approaching it, speed up before the slope, keep the speed on the way up, and then drop along the coast. 50.
Follow up traffic reports.
The broadcast is the information highway on this road, and there is a reason for the traffic report.
Use them to avoid blockages and other delays, which helps keep your momentum steady. 52. Beat the Wind.
More than 40 miles per hour will force your car to overcome huge wind resistance, which will greatly reduce your mileage.
Even if the speed limit is faster, try to keep it below 40. 53.
Time the lights.
Parking is sometimes timed for your driving advantage;
Steady progress at the speed limit will increase your chances of \"green light\" all the way. 54.
Open the window. In stop-and-
Go to traffic, turn off the air conditioner and open the window to ease your fuel use.
Air conditioning can reduce your fuel economy by 10% to 20%. 55. Turn it off.
If you turn off the car while waiting at a long sequence of traffic lights, railway crossings, or when your other half is withdrawing money from an ATM, you can save gas.
If you don\'t move within 30 seconds, you should turn off the engine.
Every hour you sit idle, you may burn a gallon of gas. 57. Cruise along.
If you have a cruise control system and don\'t have much traffic, you should probably use it (
It will keep the speed constant so no acceleration is required). 58. Overdrive.
Use the overspeed gear as this usually lowers your rpm and makes your wallet happy (er). 59. Kill the AC.
Use air conditioning to drink gasoline-
Consider closing it 5 minutes before reaching your destination.
You will still remain calm during the trip, but will save gas and not burst until the last second. 61. Forward only.
Stop your car so you can start driving forward in the future;
Gasoline can be saved by avoiding reverse operation. 62.
Find the shade.
The hot summer sun makes your car feel like a sauna;
When you move, you will want to cool it by shaking the window or using an air conditioner.
When you start up again, parking your vehicle in the shade will help keep it cool. 63. Use the garage.
Clean it up and make room for your car.
Parking in the garage will help keep your car warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you don\'t have to rely too much on gasguzzling air-
Adjust or defrost while driving. 64. Window prep.
In the summer, shake the window a little bit so that when you park, the air can circulate in your car.
This will help keep calm when you start up again. 65. Park and walk.
If you wander around the parking lot and look for parking spaces that are really close to you will use more gas.
Don\'t be afraid to take a road--
This may be good for you.
Let this system work for you as gas prices rise. 66.
Make a log after the trip, and make a log entry on the \"mileage victory\" and \"mileage failure\" of the trip.
These examples may be: \"drive into the north end of Boston at four o\'clock P. M.
Finally got stuck in traffic and couldn\'t find a parking space for 45 minutes.
Stupid, stupid, stupidnever again!
\"Driving 12 miles to the hardware store, they found that they had no lawn chairs.
Should have called first.
\"Do day care pick-up 10 minutes in advance-Wow!
There was no traffic on the main road and every green light was caught.
I try this every day.
\"More tips to save gas and money better gasoline MileageGas Buddy Map shows the price of your gasoline to green in the Guinness world record, despite the drop in record gas prices, but as natural gas prices rise, people are becoming more and more fond of saving money. Recession tip: save money, stay calm and save PlanetMore for $7 a gallon of high gasoline?
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