Salt spray filter how to choose? The actual price?

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
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in our daily life, the probability of gas turbine filter this word appears is very little, because in general, we tend to get more air filter products, and some simple liquid filter. And what role the filters also make new confusion, so let's just a simple introduce about the usefulness of the device.

in fact, in general, the role of the device is to filter dust and particles in the air, so that the clean air into the gas turbine, so it can greatly ensure our gas turbine generator can be safe and reliable operation. But if the equipment at the time of operation, because the quality of the filter, it is easy to cause a blockage of the filter. In this case, not only affects the operation of the gas turbine filter, can also affect the life of a equipment, so at the time of purchase gas turbine filter, be sure to watch the quality problem. If because of quality problems to drag down the work, it is very worth. If because of the quality problem of filter blockage caused by the equipment, so as to reduce the volume of gas turbine, this will reduce the output power of gas turbine generator set, and also increase the number of the compressor wash at the same time, the effect that such is the use of the equipment.

and inlet of the impurity and dust particles would impact damage to the interior of the gas turbine set, sometimes even cause compressor surge, seriously affecting the performance and safe operation of the unit, shorten its service life. Because of this, we must strictly choose qualified inlet air filters, at the same time, must strengthen the maintenance of gas turbine inlet air filter and the maintenance work, make sure the quantity of air required for the gas turbine generator set to run and air quality, to increase the output power of gas turbine generator set, improve the economic benefits of power operation. Choose qualified filter can bring to our company the work efficiency of the different equipment, so we must strict selection of quality can ensure the long-term stable and efficient production of enterprises. And choose is not fit for the equipment, then doing things, often is wasted effort, let the enterprise work efficiency greatly reduced.

the above is our introduction about gas turbine filter and its role, in fact, in many cases, our equipment is caused by a lack of internal cleaning equipment damage and failure. So we in the use of equipment, not only to buy a set of high quality qualified equipment, should be more clean all about equipment internal parts, ensure the long-term operation, ensure the high efficiency of enterprise operation.

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