replace air filter on bmw 135i, 335i, 535i with helene performance streamline se filter panel

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
This is super-
A simple process that anyone can do with a screwdriver.
This mod covers all BMW\'s with N54 3. 0 liter twin-turbo engine.
My 2008 BMW 135i is an enthusiastic patient for this presentation.
The bellows is a large square box at the top of the engine.
There are silver clips in the upper left, front and right of the top of the air box.
Use a screwdriver to pop them off the bellows.
Don\'t worry about the clip falling off completely.
They are also attached to the bottom and will hang on the side until you are ready to bounce them back to the top of the bellows. Pry the orange-and-
Remove the cream stock air filter from the air box.
This is very easy and obvious once you touch the air filter products.
You won\'t hurt anything, so grab the Orange edge and pull it up.
On the left side of the top of the open box, where is the ridge, you will notice some debris.
Clean up these things with a vacuum cleaner or a wet rag.
No matter what you do while cleaning, don\'t let any debris fall into the distance
Right side partition area on top of air box--
This is your air inlet and the debris that falls into it will damage your engine.
Do your best to place the air filter products vertically and put the air filter products into the area where the old filter is empty.
Swing it until it is completely flat. The almost-
The flat face of the filter is up, while the face of the serious Ridge is down.
Make sure that the rubber gasket running around the right open air intake is perfectly located in the slot running around the air intake.
Arrange 3 labels at the top-
Behind the gas box cover, behind the gas box cover has the slot they enter, then slide the top of the air box to the back of the air box until the label is in their slot, the top of the air box is perfect for the air box.
Using brutal finger power, put all the clips that hold the top of the empty box on the empty box back in place.
Below is a diagram of a drop in flow resistance similar to the filter on the BMW z4.
I don\'t have dyno to tell you if there is any improvement in horsepower, but I\'m comfortable to say that it\'s a model of performance and reliability worth it for the n54 engine.
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