replace 2008 audi a5 air filter

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
This manual will show you how to replace the intake filter on the Audi a5.
This example is done on the 2008 model, but should work for most model years.
Audi\'s car is notorious for being difficult to drive.
However, this is a very simple job for any beginner.
It will take about 30 minutes if you have the right tool to start.
If you change an air filter yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.
I spent 56 dollars on this air filter.
There is a professional alternative that can run around $75100 per.
Since I bought a washable filter, this will save me a lot of money in the possession process.
Another notorious thing about Audi is the high cost of maintenance.
So, here\'s an easy way to reduce this.
You need the following items: Torx head drive size 15 Torx head drive size 25 flat head drive 7mm socket replacement air filter products
To remove the old air filter, you need to take out the air box. 1)
Loosen the hose card on the air hose. 2)
Unlock the two clips on the connector. 3)
Screw 7 Torx screws with a 25 size drive head. 4)
Disconnect the air hose. 5)
Lift the air box with the old air filter products from the engine compartment. 1)
You will remove the screws that fix the current air filter using the smaller Torx drive. 2)
Remove extension of air hose connector 3)
Remove the old filter (duh)4)
Open the new filter and align the connected bolt head to the existing hole in the box cover.
Make sure it is firmly in place and may require a little brute force to align the bolt head. 5)
Place the washer and nut on the head of the bolt and tighten it with a 7mm socket. 6)
Reinsert the extension and align the slit holes with the fixture.
It may take a bit of power to get it fully in place.
At this point, you are actually free at home. 1)
Put the lid with filter back in Compartment 2)
Install the air hose on the extension (
Don\'t tighten the screws yet!
Next you need to play in the hose position for a while. )3)
Put the lid into the compartment.
This is the hardest part.
Fixing the lid properly on the seat can require a lot of swing.
But you feel it when it sits right.
Sorry, there is no better way to explain. 4)
Once the lid is properly installed, the Torx screws should be fully aligned and ready to be screwed in. 5)
Tighten the hose clamp and check again if the hose clamp is firmly fixed on the extension piece.
You don\'t want to loose it while driving!
But as long as your hands are tight, you won\'t want to crack the house. 6)
If you haven\'t screwed the Torx screw yet, do so. 7)
Appreciate your work!
You\'re all done! 8)
Start your car before you close the Hood to make sure it works.
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