reordering coway air filters is as easy as not doing anything at all

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Jenny McGrath/Digital trends you can do a lot of things with just one button touch
Call a car and call your mom and now, replace your air filter products.
But now you can re-order the air filter without doing anything.
On Saturday, Coway announced a new integration with Amazon Dash to make it easier to get clean air into your home.
Airmega 300 S and 400 S from Coway line have become the first air purifiers to work with Amazon Dash supplements for automatic filter replacement.
Amazon has added more and more retailers to its popular dashboard buttons, which allows customers to quickly click on their fingers to re-order basic supplies.
Do you need more toilet paper?
This has a dash button.
Do you need more cat food?
This also has a dashboard button.
After all, why go through the two that really go through Amazon
Click the purchase process when you only need one click.
Or in the case of this latest integration, there is no click at all.
Coway has already had a considerable depth of integration with the Amazon family. The Wi-Fi-
The enabled Coway Airmega 300 S and 400 S are both compatible with Amazon Alexa, which means that you can get cleaner, purer air by simply saying so.
However, the addition of Dash helps customers to ensure that they always have the necessary dual HEPA air purification filters.
So how does Coway know when you will need a new filter soon?
All this is due to the companion app, which uses patented sensor technology to track the status of air filters every day.
When this technology starts to detect potential drawbacks in your filter, or feels it can\'t purify your air to the same standard, in order to automatically order a new suit, it sends a message to the Dash reply.
\"We\'re happy to pass not just Alexa-
\"Friendly but also combined with Dash replenishment,\" said Kevin Shim, North American sales director at Coway, parent company of friendly Airmega . \".
\"Changing the air filter on time is essential to ensure that customers breathe clean and pure air.
We look forward to providing more technology.
Friendly updates to help our customers sync Coway Airmega to their smart home in more depth.
\"You can purchase the Coway Airmega 300 S or 400 S unit from the Airmega website.
While some units are not integrated with Alexa or Dash, they may not be very suitable for your smart home.
Wi-pricing starts at $649Fi-enabled units.
Update March 12: The process of re-ordering air filters is 100% automated to add clarification.
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