Remember at the beginning and at the beginning of the filter to know each other?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Early effect air filtration product equipment

I believe that the particularity of if it weren't for my job, I must also don't know, 'efficient filter' at the beginning of the term's unique charm. Boss said early to move to a new office location, but is not found a suitable place. To be honest, actually we don't like the office staff, because here is too old, isn't that bad, is that bad. I worked as an executive of a person, know the meaning of 'effectively filter at the beginning of the term', and where it will appear.

the literal understanding, it is also our ordinary people can understand the meaning of is, began to filter the dirt. Actually such understanding is correct, easy to understand. Professional explanation is that the filters have three levels of classification, the early effect filter, efficient filter and high efficiency filter. The three filters on the design of the products on the application of products is a very important role. We should all have been familiar with high efficiency filter, because it appears in each air purifier, air conditioning, water purifier. Actually early efficient filter, application situation is also very wide, it is generally primary filtering device, before the efficient filter and high efficiency filter, its effect is obvious, less efficient filter and high efficiency filter workloads, enhance the vitality of efficient filter and high efficiency filter.

general clean room return air system, large air compressor prefiltering and central air conditioning ventilation system of pre filtering are applied to the early effect of filter. And when I began to hear the word, also is in the central air conditioning control. When we have a central air conditioning in the old office, but I don't know what the reason, air conditioning stopped suddenly in the running process of rotation. In other seasons, we might not have it, but it was the dog days of the south, want to hide hide not to drop. Really helpless, have to come to the office looking for air-conditioning after-sale maintenance master repair. When I put the problem we encounter with his narrative again after the teacher directly produced in the early effect filter to clean, not for a moment again good cleaning filter installation, air conditioning will be normal operation.

in the face of the teacher's question as well as to the maintenance of the master's worship of love, of course, more is to want to let oneself have more life common sense, I began to baidu know effectively filter at the beginning of knowledge, it is what kind of material, it is what kind of application situation, what is the function of it, in our life, we should be how to use to prolong its service life and so on some questions. Finally got the answer is, only regular cleaning and wiping can prolong the service life of products. It's life is a knowledge base, need to be aware of every little things in life, perhaps which day can learn new knowledge.

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