Relative to the domestic high efficiency air filter, import advantage?

by:Booguan     2020-11-12

it is well known that high efficiency air filter is to filter the air filter smaller particles of dust, suspended solids, in order to achieve the purification of the air. The high efficiency air filters available in the market is mainly composed of core and shell of two parts, achieve the effect of the clean air together. Imported high efficiency air filter is clean air ability stronger, what is the main reason?

first of all, the import of high efficiency air filter filter material using the material of super fine glass fiber paper, partition board with offset paper or aluminum membrane materials, cement is a special silicon rubber, no peculiar smell, so the air filter itself after gluing part is difficult to see traces, hardening of the surface will not happen, use even more long, also won't produce almost crack phenomenon. At the same time, this kind of high efficiency air filter chemical performance is good, can resist corrosion, to absorb heat bilges cold shrink happens even if stress condition, the equipment is not easy to crack. In addition, the import of high efficiency air filter hardness, elastic recovery performance better.

when choosing imported high efficiency air filter need to pay attention to the following contents: first, choose the high efficiency air filter reference control parameter is at the beginning of the air filtration product efficiency, let dust capacity, resistance, the rated air volume data index, etc. Among them, the initial resistance can not be greater than ten percent of the air filter products samples itself resistance. Second, general filter material is of high efficiency air filter superfine glass fiber and other more partial door materials, without having to deeply understand its not easy choice, because we can not guarantee its performance, and the safety of the use. Third, when choosing imported high efficiency air filter, all good can select material is flame retardant material. So in dry weather may be, it is not easy to happen air filter is on fire. Fourth, the high efficiency air filter will not be used alone, but supporting the use, usually installed at the end of the air conditioning system, as a step after purification process. Fifth, before buying must be imported high efficiency air filter products manufacturers provide corresponding dust amount of data, and in the air filter before the factory must be professional personnel for leak detection. Leak detection qualified after the purchase, use can proceed.

the place on put together is narrated, imported high efficiency air filter adopts the material of more high quality, environmental protection, quality more assured performance. User before buying high efficiency air filter, filter, we must be with reasonable structure, large amount of dust filtration precision is high, the capacity and energy saving province electricity, enclosed operation, material fire protection, occupy small volume, moderate resistance elements such as early as an index, select suitable for work use of imported high efficiency air filter.

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