questions and answers about schools and traffic pollution

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
How close is it to too close, how much is the traffic too crowded?
Traffic contaminants can spread on the road, but they can be higher on the road and near the road.
In general, the study shows that the maximum exposure during the day is within the range of 500 feet, although some studies have found that further away, such as the height of about 900 to 1,000 feet.
Schools in California
The site selection Act, which aims to keep new schools away from highways and other major routes, uses 500 feet kilometers as an area of concern.
California\'s laws focus on busy roads, but there is no real dividing line between bad and good.
Some studies have found that people near roads with at least 10,000 cars a day can have health effects, including L. A. freeway.
In fact, due to the steady speed of less pollution than the acceleration, there are no parking vehicles on the highwayby-
Cleaner when traffic jams are low
Highway with traffic lights and parking signs.
The roads that attract diesel trucks, especially the old ones, may be worse than the higher ones
Only the traffic route of the car.
\"As people pay more and more attention to traffic pollution, they find less impact on vehicles and they also find further impact,\" Barbara Weiler said . \", A toxicology expert, working at the California Air Resources Board, serves as head of population research at the health and exposure assessment department.
To explain some of these complexities, the report of the Public Integrity Center and the survey report center focuses on roads with an average of at least 30,000 vehicles per day, and roads with at least 500 trucks and 10,000 cars a day.
What is the health impact of putting a school near a busy road?
\"The closer anyone is to the main road-schools, families, businesses, and so on-the more vulnerable they are to air pollution from vehicles driving on this road,\" the doctor said.
Jerome Paulson, honorary professor of pediatrics, environment and occupational health at George Washington University.
It\'s not just time spent outdoors.
\"There is a myth that when we close the window and close the door, we are fully protected, but that is not the case,\" said Fredrika Pereira, director of the Columbia Centre for Children\'s Environmental Health at Columbia University.
\"Fine particles, ultra-fine particles and gases, steam are able to enter the indoor environment.
They penetrate easily.
This is important because traffic pollution can hinder the development of children\'s lungs.
This difference is not enough for direct symptoms
While traffic exposure can also lead to worsening breathing and asthma symptoms, these effects are not felt by everyone --
But the size of the lungs may affect later life.
Adults lose some lung function every year.
The researchers worry that, starting in adults with smaller lungs, the likelihood of future health problems will increase.
New research also links traffic pollution to development (
Not just deterioration)
Asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, cognitive and learning problems, heart disease, and dementia.
Some studies have also linked traffic pollution to cancer;
Diesel exhaust from old trucks and certain chemicals from gasoline
Motor vehicles are known carcinogens.
Health problems are therefore not limited to children alone.
In Detroit, the admission rate of children with asthma is almost three times that of the state, and the head of the city\'s health department
The term effect of traffic proximity.
\"We built the highway in the heart of Detroit . \"Abdul El-
Saeed, executive director of Detroit Health Department.
There are a lot of schools in the city and the traffic is busy, \"we are only beginning to realize now that maybe these places are not the best place for our children to go,\" he said . \".
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The fuel industry is under attack as the world warms, pollution damages and shortens life.
But industry is fighting back.
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What are the factors that affect exposure near the road?
One is the wind direction.
If the wind tends to blow from the road to the location near you, you will get more exposure than someone on the other side of the sidewalk.
Elevated highways tend to be worse for people nearby. Cut-
Section Road-
Lower roads than the surrounding land
A little better.
Sound barriers can help reduce exposure to people who are very close to the highway, although they may increase exposure to people farther away (
And can definitely do this for drivers on the road as more drivers will stay).
You can download an EPA paper here to summarize some of these issues.
The EPA believes that vegetation can also help contain pollution, so it may be better for a school separated by dense trees --
But the research is still developing.
Location may be important.
Some scientists have found that trees do not help urban areas because their ability to remove contaminants is not as strong as the ability to block airflow, prevent pollutants from escaping and dilute them.
So, what can schools near roads do about air quality?
Closing the doors and windows of the school will not keep traffic pollutants away (
Although this helps). Heavy-
Higher quality than typical filters in school
It can greatly reduce the air that children and teachers breathe in.
Filter rated as MERV 16, characterized by surgery
Dozens of schools in Southern California have installed grades.
In the Los Angeles United School District alone, there are more than 40 high schools
Grade filters to improve air near highways, ports and other pollution sources.
Measurement results of the South Coast Air Quality Management Areaa local air-
Pollution Control Agency
It is found that the MERV 16 filter in the school captures about 90% of fine particles and ultra-fine particles, which are a key part of making traffic pollution a health risk.
The early efforts of the measured School captured much lower particles of 20 to 50%, which at best only involved air filters rated MERV 7.
The price of the MERV 16 filter is not high.
You can buy them for less than $100.
Schools with central air conditioning and heating-
HVAC system
They should be able to be used, but some modifications may be needed.
IQAir, one has a high installation.
Grade filtering for hundreds of schools, most in California, says schools with a central system don\'t usually need to spend too much money on remodeling.
For schools without HVAC, the cost is great.
They have two expensive options: buy HVAC or stand
Separate air purification systems that are much more expensive than air filters.
South Coast Aviation district roughly estimated installation height of-$2,500 per classroom
High quality filter
Average between schools that don\'t need to do much and those that stare at big schools
HVAC Costs.
At El Marino Language School in Calver City, California, officials have transformed the heating system to install filters in-
The work cost about $500,000.
And plans to spend another $2 million on air conditioning this summer so teachers can close doors and windows and have filters do their job.
How schools pay for indoorair fixes?
Dozens of schools in Southern California have already received
The South Coast Aviation District paid for grade air filters, which provided funding for the work, including penalties for polluting companies.
However, schools near major roads in the area are not all eligible. So the freeway-
The Calver City United School District, California, proposed a ultimately successful bond measure, some of which were designated to work there, followed by funding from the neighboring El Marino Language School.
El Marino\'s lack of air conditioning means a higher price for effective filtration.
Schools can (
Install the filter by transforming the heating system, but it does also need to add air conditioning so that unfiltered air does not flow through the door that leads directly to the outdoors.
Meanwhile, the State Department\'s transportation department is paying higher fees in Utah.
High quality air filters in five schools within about 1,600 feet of the highway under construction.
It was part of an agreement reached nearly a decade ago after parents, environmental activists and doctors mobilized during the planning phase that imitated the highway settlement --
Expansion in Las Vegas.
Funding for school upgrades in Utah and maintenance over the next 30 years: $1.
1 million, equivalent to about $7,300 per school per year.
My school has air filters.
That\'s enough, right?
According to the researchers who recorded the situation in the western and central western regions, school filtration and ventilation are generally below the standard.
When he was on the California Aviation Resources board a few years ago, Thomas J.
Phillips, part of the school classroom study, found that the air filter \"did not change for quite a while --
Maybe it\'s school life.
Phillips, who is now the chief scientist at the California Center for Health Building Research, points out that the school\'s budget is usually tight.
\"Things like air seals and better air filtration can help,\" he said . \".
\"But the devil in detail.
How do you make sure it\'s done right?
How do you fund it?
How do you maintain it?
\"Being vigilant about maintenance is a good start.
But the Environmental Protection Department also recommends schools with transportation.
Highest pollution challenge installation-
They can have air filters. (
For more details on this, see the answer above \"So, what can schools near roads do about air quality? ”)
What should I do if my area is building a school near a highway or other important road?
If no agreement is reached, you can start the conversation: Is your school district aware of the health impact of nearby traffic? (Many don’t. )
Is there any other viable location further from the busy road?
Traffic is not the only environmental facility
The Environmental Protection Agency warned that schools should be built in distant places
In order to avoid traffic jams, the children and staff had to spend more time on the road to get there and sit on buses and cars to breathe these contaminants.
If a school has to be built in a place with heavy traffic, experts suggest designing the place to improve the air quality.
Efficient HVAC system
Due to the schools on the highway, grade air filters will greatly reduce the traffic particles entering the classroom
A lot has been found in Southern California.
It\'s also a good idea to put the outdoors in-
Activity areas such as playgrounds and playgrounds are further away from roads, while specifying the nearest locations for parking and storage purposes, the EPA said.
Other measures, such as keeping the air inlet away from the smoke at the road and the school loading dock, can also help.
The state plans to build a road near my child\'s school. Now what?
This is happening in Utah.
S. Department of Transport agreed to pay for air monitoring after parents, environmental activists and doctors joined forces to oppose
Five schools near the upcoming Mountain View Corridor Road project, air quality filters.
\"We \'ve been going a long way, just to understand that there\'s a problem outside,\" Linda Hansen said . \" Member of the Utah Board of Education and former PTA leader of the affected school district.
\"We hope that once we get the data from this project, we will be able to use it in other projects and let the region see that they really need some relief from those schools that are close to the road, because it\'s hard for children.
That\'s why she thinks there\'s a reward for propaganda work: \"groups that don\'t usually work together on issues are all gathered together.
\"Reed Thorpe, the environmental manager of the Mountain View Corridor project in the transportation contractor department, also believes that the result is a victory.
\"Everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves and come up with a solution that doesn\'t involve litigation,\" he said . \".
Near my child\'s school, there was a huge increase in truck traffic. What can I do?
If it is temporary, see if traffic can be timed to avoid school days.
Penn\'s Mars resident, Patrice Tomac, said convincing an energy company to wait until the summer is there for fracking gas wells so that schools do not attend classes in the course of a subsequent surge in the number of trucks on the road passing, mother cleans the field organizer of the Air Force in West Pennsylvania.
National Environmental Protection officials act as mediators between residents and companies.
\"I just want other communities to realize they have a choice,\" she said . \".
If not temporary, talk to the transport officer.
Can other roads replace traffic?
What is the meaning of rerouting?
Or if there is a single employer involved, talk to the company behind the raise.
In Chicago, small village environmental justice groups put pressure on a manufacturer to use newer, less
Polluting the truck because it is ready to make hundreds of trips every day on a website next to elementary school.
The group\'s leaders say they are encouraged by the ongoing dialogue.
\"It\'s not that we don\'t want to work, it\'s not that this growth doesn\'t matter.
This is, \"said Kim Wasserman, executive director of the group.
\"But not at the expense of a truck driver \"-
They breathe the air polluted by the exhaust gas.
\"Or the communities where these trucks are going.
\"My child\'s school is not near any major road, but what about the idle diesel school bus outside?
Isn\'t that a problem? Yes.
Bus driver (and parents)
Turning off their engines while waiting to pick up the kids will really make a difference.
Pat Ryan, associate professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children\'s Hospital Medical Center, led a study that found
At a school in Cincinnati with a lot of buses.
Just raised a No.
Ryan said that the empty sign is not enough, \"at least in-hopefully —
It became a habit.
He said: \"Some drivers have an assumption that they will burn more fuel to shut down the engine and restart it than at idle speed, but that is not true.
The Environmental Protection Agency also helped school districts replace old diesel buses with grants from its diesel emission reduction Act program.
But the future of the funds is unclear.
I am not in the big city.
This thing doesn\'t work in my area, does it?
In big cities, schools near busy roads are a special problem, but there are thousands of such situations in suburbs, small cities and rural communities.
School districts in underdeveloped areas of the land do have a choice, and highly urbanised areas do not, as long as the problem is on their radar.
Consider the suburban Blue Valley area of Overland Park, Kansas.
Officials there are trying to get new schools into plans for future market segments, but there is still time --
And build their campus as far away from the main roads as possible. \"Security is one [reason]
But the impact of contaminants on these major roads is another, \"said Dave Hill, executive director of facilities and operations at Blue Valley, who helped guide the interiors of other school districts-air quality.
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How many cars are there on the road near my child\'s school?
How can I know exactly what the air is there?
To see if a school is within 500 feet of a busy road, check out our interactive data tool above.
You can enter any address, school or not, to see if it is next to the road that meets our traffic threshold.
It\'s not easy to determine what\'s in the air.
The odds are low for a government airline.
The pollution monitor is located in the exact area of your interest.
But this is not your only choice right now.
\"There are a lot of emerging technologies --low-cost sensors —
There, the community can use its own to measure some air pollutants, \"said sacobi Wilson, assistant professor at the University of Maryland Institute of Applied Environmental Health, Maryland.
This is especially true of fine particles (
Particles of 2.
The diameter is less than or equal to 5 microns, or PM2. 5 —
Far, far less than a grain of sand).
The South Coast aviation area reviews these sensors here and here.
The sensors are not so accurate.
The cost of government equipment is still high, so be careful to use it, but you can understand how contaminants are distributed at different locations and at different times of the day.
EPA has a guide on how to conduct such \"citizen science\" air monitoring.
Unfortunately, sensors that cost a few hundred dollars won\'t help you track down some of the key road contaminants such as ultra-fine particles
Smaller spots around the roadand diesel-
Black carbon emissions.
This type of equipment is much more expensive, although a black one can be rented
Carbon Monitoring, instead of spending thousands of dollars on it.
A strategy: ask for help.
A parent at El Marino Language School in California borrowed Air
Monitoring equipment of a university for measuring near-highway site.
She recorded that the sea breeze did not improve the problem as some hoped, and parents persuaded the school district to install air filtration.
You can also encourage more air monitoring in your community.
The project is installing various sensors around Chicago, some of which measure air pollution.
Does it make sense to buy better air filters in thousands of schools, not to mention other buildings near the big road?
Isn\'t it more effective to take measures against pollution? High-
The first level air filter products is a stopgap measure. No-
There may still be a long way to go, children.
Like adults.
At the same time, I have to keep breathing.
But a lot of the public
Health advocates believe that reducing traffic pollution should be a top priority as it will contribute to a comprehensive improvement in air quality.
The good news is that the trend is moving in the right direction.
The new car is much cleaner than the old one.
Bad news: the diesel engine has been in use for a long time, so there are still a lot of old trucks in use.
With the exception of California, none of the states required to phase out old truck engines over time.
The diesel emission reduction act helped replace or transform tens of thousands of old diesel engines to speed up slow turnaround, but this could be the last year of the funding. (
The project has technically failed but received some money this year as it continues
Previously extended resolution budget measures
Annual level of funding as at April. )
Related information: Highway School map more information, where can I go?
The Environmental Protection Agency issued a guide in 2015 to help schools cope with traffic pollution.
In addition, it has a wider 2011 guide on school and environmental health (including transportation)
Pollution problem.
The health school network focuses on the environmental health of the school.
The following is the group\'s report on health School 2015.
Indoor space reduction outdoor pollutants website has indoor resourcesair quality.
The South Coast Aviation District studied the effectiveness of better air filtration and low filtration in schools
Air pollution sensors.
Don\'t forget our interactive data tool, which lets you enter the address and see if it\'s within 500 feet of a busy road.
Hopkins reported the story with the support of Dennis.
Hunter Health News and National Scholarship Fund, the University of Southern California health news program.
The story is part of the Carbon War. The fossil-
The fuel industry is under attack as the world warms, pollution damages and shortens life.
But industry is fighting back.
Click here to read more stories in this series.
Copyright 2017 Public Integrity Center.
The story was released by the Public Integrity Center, a non-profit, non-partisan investigative news organization in Washington, D. C. C.
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