PTFE filter effectively, suppress PM2. 5 a good helper

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
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don't know the friend in the north of usual winter stretch out his hand to see five fingers haze days to remember now, in recent years, cities often suffer from '10 surface haze v' weather, and let people have a deep concern about air quality.

haze of key ingredient is floating in the air of fine particulate matter, PM2. 5 damage is very big. PM2。 Five is to point to in the air diameter less than or equal to 2. 5 microns of solid fine particulate matter, because of its subtle features, thus can pass people breathe smoothly into the body of the lungs, thus into the bronchi and pulmonary gas exchange, and other symptoms.

so PM2. 5 where are you from? Will not sell this kind of solid fine particulate matter in the air. According to the survey, in the domestic PM2. About 62% for coal-fired boilers, motor vehicle fuel, industrial production using fuel burning process, from 22%, from the dust of 16% from the solvent used, and other aspects.

so, China coal carbon industrial production and the burning of fossil fuels is PM2. One of the five key source. Today, China's environmental protection department for a number of industry air pollutants carried out more and more strict specification. In January 2012, for example, newly released GB13223 - 2011 expressly, the newly built coal-fired boiler and gas turbine unit specification big flue dust emission concentration of 30 mg/m3, key areas of 20 mg/m3. Commonly used in this specification, whether in electrostatic precipitator dust catcher equipment or don't do traditional cloth bag filter.

but efficient PTFE filter can.

efficient PTFE filter can discharge concentration restrain within 10 mg/m3, completely reached a new emissions regulations. Efficient PTFE filter has the following advantages:

1, the filtration efficiency. There are foreign enterprises through the inspection results, said PTFE efficient filters to PM2. 5 emissions concentration is close to zero, can achieve the true sense of PM2. Zero discharge of 5.

2, on the surface of filter for ash removal, good dust removal effect and high stability. For efficient PTFE filter to the surface and low surface energy, so compared with dust from sex good, compared with traditional filter, resistance losses small.

3, permeability is good. Efficient and PTFE filter of the microporous membrane pore rate of above 85%, well solved the problem of the ventilation quantity.

4, service life is longer, because PTEE characteristics of acid and alkali resistant and high temperature resistant, is higher than other materials have the use of the term, in addition, because the surface filters, soot cleaning frequency, more wear and tear will reduce moderately, to further improve the efficient of PTFE filter service life.

5, low operation cost, operation consume less power.

since efficient PTFE filter is good, so what's the PTFE?

PTFE, PTFE, also known as 'plastics king', the unique molecular structure, make its have the poison not assault in aqua regia boil does not change, also can work for a long time under 190 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ below zero, widely used in environmental protection, sealing, aerospace and other industries.

through the above content, we know that PTFE microporous membrane permeability is very good, the PTFE microporous membrane is made of what material? PTFE microporous membrane is based on PTFE raw materials and the expansion elements are micropore formation after stretch film. Microporous membrane pore size in micron level, distribution and uniform distribution. To pass through the unique microporous membrane technology combined with the filter material on the substrate is formed by PTFE coated filter material, the cutting, stitching can production and processing into filter bag, can be used in the efficient PTFE filter.

by PTFE coated filter material cross section micro structure can see, PTFE microporous membrane aperture size uniform, can have high air filtration product precision, provide microporous membrane filter material substrate compressive strength and support. PTFE microporous membrane, of course, can also be combined with the above different filter material base material, the filter material base material selection of key is based on the temperature and the concentration of the flue gas dust.

these are small make up for the share of PTFE efficient filter relevant knowledge, through the introduction of this article, I hope you know that, when choosing the filter must be combined with environment and the characteristics of the filter itself to choose, to choose the suitable filter products.

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