Popular science basic classification and characteristics of filter cartridge manufacturer

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter products

if you want to play to the role of the filters, must be equipped with filter, for industry professionals, we all know the importance of the filter element, the classification of it have? What are some of the characteristics of each? Introduces the professional filter manufacturer for everyone.

first to introduce the resin filter, it is made of resin, the material has the characteristics of porous, very popular. If you observe soft water machine structure, will see further the role and function of resin filter, installed in the structure of a lot of plastic balls, very subtle, and the number is as high as millions of, including the distribution of the negative charge exchange position, so that you can have the effect of absorption of positive ions, which play a filtering effect. Many filter manufacturers in the production of the product and market welcome and recognition.

the following is to introduce the titanium rod filter, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, and can be operated under the environment of high temperature, not only has great strength, and can also guarantee the air filtration product precision. Its production process is complicated, need to go through high temperature sintering process, so even if covered a lot of particles, we don't have to worry about it will fall off, even if it is a lot of corrosive medium, still can use the titanium rod filter filter, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, etc. , in addition to aqua regia and iron. Not only that, the filter also has good mechanical performance, people can before use in cutting process, also can welding in detail, so as to enhance the use effect of product.

the last is to introduce the RO reverse osmosis filter, it is developed from abroad, using the principle of the pressure to learn, not only can filter a variety of media, can also according to virus bacteria play a role, after the water softening and purification.

from the perspective of the development of the current filter industry, we are very bullish on stainless steel filter, it is cost-effective, filtering performance and inspection and acceptance by the market. The filter mainly used sintering nets, can guarantee the filtration precision, can be processing step by step, more can be made into different size.

in the customization requirements could be told to filter manufacturers, the production department can according to the requirements of people to create and complete, in general, the price of the filter is not high, but it is not to be ignored an important part of, must look carefully before you buy air filtration product precision and service life.

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