polar vortex 2019: here are some tips for winter-proofing your car on any budget

by:Booguan     2020-09-03
Is this the polar vortex that appears this week in 25 parts of the country
Or any other seasonal storm or cold wave-
A cold environment can be an absolute opponent of your daily driving companion.
It\'s hard for your car engine to work properly at cold temperatures.
The salt on the road will erode the underground car.
Not to mention, ice and snow will prevent the car from doing one thing it should be good at-driving.
But the good news is that when the inches start to pile up and Mercury rolls, there are a few things you can do to make sure your vehicle stays safe.
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The stock market fell due to concerns about China\'s economic slowdown? You can winter-
Almost any budget can prove your vehicle.
Depending on how much you want to spend, here are some tips: General checks for less than $15: to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold weather months, the cheapest thing you can do is check the body thoroughly.
\"It can be as simple as washing a car by hand,\" said Tony Mora, vice president and assistant automotive technician of the Automotive Services Association.
\"If you do, you will look closely at the body to see if there are any obvious signs of damage that need to be addressed.
\"Tire inspection: There are several popular ways to make sure your tires are in good condition.
One of the easiest and most affordable methods is to use the so-called \"penny test \".
\"Insert a penny into your tire tread slot, Lincoln\'s head down, facing you,\" Molla said . \".
If you can see all the heads of Lincoln, your tread is very shallow and worn, then it\'s time to change the tires.
If not, there\'s no problem with your tires.
Keep in mind that the tire pressure also drops when the temperature drops.
\"Stop at the gas station and top the tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer,\" Molla said . \".
There is usually a label sticker on the driver\'s side door blockage, which lists the recommended tire pressure.
Winter car tips: ask experts: What is the best function to drive in the snow?
Battery cleaning: look for green blur on or around the battery terminals.
\"If you find something, it\'s corrosion. A stiff-
\"Bristles or wire brushes and a little baking soda should be able to get it off,\" Mora said . \".
Car body wax: The weather in winter will dim the paint of your car, and the paint will become brighter and easier to be oxidized.
\"Cleaning and wax can play a big role in protecting your vehicle from winter effects such as rain, snow, salt and sand that can erode paint and cause rust, ron Margadonna, a Michelin technical engineer at the leading tire company, said.
While you may save some time getting off the bus for quick cleaning and waxing, \"these two key steps can also be done easily in your own driveway, Margadonna said.
\"Go to your local car store and ask for the best cleaning and waxing agent for the type of vehicle you have.
Professional waxing work costs over $50.
Door hinges: to prevent the hinges from creaking, Molla said the best thing to sprayWD --
40, a multi-purpose lubricant, locked in car locks and latches.
You can buy cans on Amazon for less than $5.
Windshield cleaning solution: \"change to a winter mixture with your wiper fluid, which will help protect your visibility while driving in extreme cold,\" Margadonna said . \".
Walmart is available for just $2.
Less than $25 wiper: Now is the season to check the windshield wiper.
If your wipers leave stripes or missing places, it may be time to replace them.
\"Replacing the worn windshield wiper is a simple thing that you can do on your own, and when sand, salt and precipitation are more common, it will help you maintain visibility throughout the season, \"said Margadonna.
Amazon has launched some premium winter wiper blades for less than $25.
Lights: polish them.
According to the consumer report, not just a visual problem, cloud lenses can pose a serious threat to safety by damaging night vision capabilities and reducing the effectiveness of headlights by up to 80%.
To save money, wash them by Adi.
Consumer Reports say Amazon offers the best results for $20.
below $55: If you do a lot of off-
According to experts, it is a good idea to change the air filter products of the car before winter comes in the warm months.
\"The only real way to know if you need to replace it is that you take it out and have a look,\" Molla said . \".
In most cases, the cabin air filter products is also easy to access and the replacement cost is about $20.
However, the price goes up if you need a professional to install it.
\"If you\'re not sure how to remove the air filter, you might want to lend it to a professional.
If you put the engine back incorrectly, it will affect the performance of the engine, \"said Mora.
Don\'t forget . . . . . . First Aid Kit: Margadonna said: \"Finally, put a first aid kit in your trunk in case you have a tricky situation this winter . \".
Margadonna said: \"keep some key items such as jumpers, shovels, ice scraper, flashlight with extra battery, flare, blankets, hats and gloves and portable with full battery
\"Don\'t forget to program your phone in advance with a key emergency number.
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