particle / active carbon air filter using a 120mm delta high static pressure 12v fan, arduino pro mini 3.3v as pwm control, and 3d printed cases

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
I usually run one or two 3D printers in my workshop, and while I don\'t print ABS, I do print carbon fiber and other materials that are identified as releasing microfiber emissions and smoke.
After noticing the occasional smell of the air and reading some dangerous particles, I decided that it would be better to do something about ventilation and air purification.
Box the printer or install the system to ventilate my work-
The area outside is the best, but since I upgraded my printer very quickly, I don\'t know the full range yet, a short one
The term fix seems to be the best option.
The filter will be located next to the printer, as close as possible to the extruder, and must be strong enough to be able to bring emissions into the filter.
If ear protection is required, it is acceptable as long as the filter is valid.
The filter should also be able to be used as a welding ventilator or work-
Space air filters are provided as needed.
This is a medium. cost high-
Power filter project
It uses Delta 12 V 120mm-
Arduino Pro-4 amp beast for fanMini 3.
3v micro-controller, activated carbon filter and 3-
All of this is a world of reasonable prices and availability-wide.
Fans, activated carbon and particle filters, and brackets for electronic devices are printed in 3D.
Include the link to STL.
Delta is 4 pin, high
Static pressure, PWM (
Pulse width modulation)
High current control-draw model.
Note: on the loud puppy scale, the rated power of this fan is 1.
PWM sends a series of \"ON-
Turn off the \"pulse and change the duty cycle, the amount of time the output voltage is\" on \"and\" off.
The power applied to the motor can be controlled by changing the width of these applied pulses, thus changing the average DC voltage applied to the motor.
By changing the timing of these pulses, the speed of the motor can be controlled, the longer the pulse is turned on, the higher the speed, and vice versa. 3. 3V Pro-
PFC1212DE micro PWM Controller (Specs)
AC/DC adapter/power supply Delta fan connect circuit board/control box activated carbon filter particle filter has only one input voltage and can be in the range of 10 to 15 volts.
Delta can generate some serious DC current, so a fairly powerful DC power supply is needed.
I used 1.
7 amp adapter, an old 3D printer power supply that can provide more than 10 Am ps, and a sealed 9 Amp battery, all 12 volts.
This is not designed to power the battery, although it can be used on a temporary basis.
In the 3 amp draw, even a large battery will not last for a long time.
LD1117V33 conversion input voltage range (
Maximum 15 V)to 3. 3V. The 3.
3V is connected to the Pro Mini, 100 Ohm potentiometer and power supply that adjusts the PWM level-on LED.
Pin output on the Molex connector (from the top)
: Here I connect the communication pin directly, Pro-
Mini programming title to make programming/re-programming easier
Program after installing the Pro Mini on the PCB.
I used 2 shots and 5.
08mm pitch PCB mounting screw junction box, connect the input voltage to the LD1117 regulator and pin 2 of the Molex 4 pin connector.
The power supply itself comes from the DC plug installed on the back cover (
See the control box component below. )
Enter the GND pin connected to the Pro Mini (J7.
9 in the schematic above)
And Molex\'s pin 1.
LD1117V33 drops at least 1 V during the conversion process, but can handle inputs up to 15 V in most low cases
Like the MCP series, the drop regulator limits the input voltage to a much lower level.
I want to use only one input voltage source here and can withstand the voltage drop.
LD1117 output 3.
3V is connected to the VCC input of the Pro Mini that is expected to adjust 3.
3V and bypass the internal regulator.
The Pro Mini RAW pin goes to the internal regulator I want to avoid.
The output also connected to LD1117 is low
Voltage LED and current-
Limit resistance.
The LED lights up when the rocker switch is on.
It just reminds me that to turn off the rocker switch when the pot is adjusted all the way down, I may forget to turn off the power supply.
The LED is connected to the 2-pin DuPont head.
Use 1N5818 diode on Molex/-pins as fly-Back protection. 3.
PWM pin off 3 V/5 mA (
D10 on Pro Mini here)
It is sufficient for increments that support this voltage level as the minimum value of PWM control.
The D10 on the Pro Mini is connected to pin 4 on Molex.
1k ohm resistor used as pull-
Failure on the D10 connector.
In order to program the Pro Mini, the ft32rl ftdi usb to TTL serial converter adapter and some parent-to-parent DuPont jumper cables and USB-to-Mini USB cables were used.
The Arduino IDE is used to download the code and for initial debugging via a serial monitor.
The FTDI board connects to the Pro Mini using a female-to-female jumper and then the FTDI connects to my laptop via USB-to-miniUSB cable.
The connection between FTDI ft32rl and Pro Mini is: I usually use a longer USB to mini connection
USB cable, not the really short cable you often see on the online site.
Longer cables just give more work space, and short cables can be frustrating at times.
Accessories are Arduino IDE sketches for controlling Pro Mini and Delta fans.
The code will be explained in the following sections.
/* PWM driver for Delta fan and 3.
3V */int pwm _ pin = 10;
For this project, I chose Pro Mini PIN 10 because the PWM control int potP analog pin 0 is connected to the scan pin of the potentiometer.
The original value read should be 0-
The 1055int variable used to store the original analog read value is used to sanity check the int variable of the simulated read value (val)
The use and installation of cleanroom filter is compared with most other systems for managing the air cleaner filter effectively and no doubt cleanroom filter have won the race so many times.
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