Parsing gas-liquid filter characteristics understand filter industry

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
Filter products

bag filter, is a kind of compact structure, simple operation and applicability of the multipurpose filtering equipment. Bag filter is applicable to any place, and it is closed, it is mainly used for the separation of liquid air filtration product, its principle is mainly used by pressure air filtration product.

bag filter in the filter bag is usually through its internal supported by a metal top it, which makes it more stable. Need to filter the liquid flows through the filter, filter the clean liquid flowed from exports, and the impurities in the liquid is left in the filter bag. Picked at this time, the filter bag can be replaced, filters to continue work.

there are several kinds of bag filter categories: single bag filter, bag filter, rocker arm, high precision bag filter bag filter, etc. , its filtering precision can reach 1 - 10 micron range.

the main advantage of the bag filter has a high cost performance, low running cost, cheap, good filtering effect, but also can be used repeatedly. Its filtering capacity is larger, but its overall structural volume is relatively small. According to the design of the filter bag, its general blocked by filtering impurities of a fairly large amount of volume. Continue to use after the filter bag change, also more convenient. In general, bag filter in the filter bag also can be cleaned repeatedly used again and again, so I can save running cost of use.

filter bag is commonly non-woven material, cleaning is simple. Reasonable filter of novel structure, good sealing, operation is simple, its strong device, it is not easy to fall off, use longer.

and bag filter is different, use is filter disinfection method, and much longer service life of the bag filter, filter and more clean. Bag filter with relatively large amount of volume, the whole level of basic constant fluid distribution, and the negative impact of turbulence effect is smaller, filtering effect is better.

the application of bag filter is more and more widely, in the process of installation must pay attention to some problems. For example, the filter bag must have a basket with netting on top to support the use; Attention should be paid to filter the flow of liquid filter must conform to the specified direction, reverse fluids will cause great damage to the filter; The top of the filter should be sealed to prevent sliding sideways.

everybody when choosing the use of bag filter, on the one hand, pay attention to the specification of the correct installation, also should pay attention to the daily maintenance, let the life become longer.

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