Operation and high efficiency filter, you must master the basic common sense

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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efficient filter one commonly used as filters, not only has the excellent filtering performance, late in the overall installation, operation and maintenance is more convenient. So in the use of such a high-tech filter unit, everyone should master the basic common sense?

basic use common sense and high efficiency filter

priority, this type of filter is often used in some special fields, in the process of choose and buy, should according to own actual use, choose to meet the requirements type equipment. Because of there is also a in the refinement classification, such as super high efficiency filter, without clapboard air filter products, , etc.

2, each filter unit is equipped with its own specifications, suggest you operator first read manual before installation and use, this not only can grasp the correct installation method and usage, more can for this type of filter device has insight into the basic structure and the performance advantage.

the third, at the time of installation of this type of filter equipment, various cleaning work must be done well, whether it is a clean filtering equipment or installation environment clean, should take the right way to clean. If is the purification workshop installation, should use a vacuum cleaner dust absorption, if it is installed in the ceiling, so on condole to take a thorough cleaning.

4, usually in the installation commissioning system achieved after 12 hours, need to clean installation environment as well as the purification workshop, in order to install the filter device.

5, want to keep better filtering effect and prolong the lifespan of the filter unit, so often is to dust the pre-filter in the way you know usually when this type of equipment in the factory, all the performance parameters have been debugging good, so you don't change at will.

6, periodic inspection of filter filter material, screen and so on, if it is found that the corrosion, damage, or other problems, so for the filtering effect and operation safety, must immediately replace the same specifications of the filtering equipment, so as not to delay the enterprise's overall operation.

now launched on the market of filter equipment is divided into a number of different types, recommend a lot of related knowledge, because each type of air filtration product unit regardless of the installation, use or replacement of the above, there are certain differences. Want to know about other information and high efficiency filter, can browse our website updates, have more real-time news first hand.

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