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by:Booguan     2020-09-04
Our rolling, unscientific biofuels experiment has entered the Great State of Mississippi. joke)
Head to Oxford and the University of Mississippi.
In New Orleans on Thursday.
In New Orleans behind us, we filled a station in an industrial zone with B5 biofuels.
We are still traveling 23 miles per gallon, we have been traveling about 3,500 miles since these two trips
A week of adventure began in July 28.
Our 30-engine. year-
The old Scoutis ran very well.
Mainly because we don\'t run higher concentrations of biodiesel fuel. So. . .
How do we stick to this hard-driving, reporting, sleeping, waking up and repeating marathon?
We succeeded.
The camping experience at KOA West in New Orleans last night was not very peaceful.
We did not realize that the camp was near the rail track. Three-minute-
The flute sound from the passing train kept us awake.
Cody\'s about an hour. and-a-
I slept half and four or five.
If our lack of sleep affected our interview with Professor Duran this morning, we apologize
Douglas Mayford talked about a project to build a river turbine for the lower nine districts of the city. Weather: Muggy.
Unfortunately, as many of you know, there is no working air conditioning for this truck.
We stopped at Starbucks for breakfast and ordered pastries and coffee.
This is the only thing we have to say today.
But this afternoon we will have lunch with my parents in Jackson, and we look forward to joining Miss Ole\'s fans tonight and late Friday for the Oxford hit Toddy.
If you\'re on campus around 8: 30 tomorrowm.
CT, come and say hello.
We will gather in the school Park. Are you ready? ? ? ? -
Under BrianPosted: Brian HardyFiled: California, en vironmentroad tripIt Festival 10to-
Our bio-fuel International Harvester Scout Tour of Georgia Road.
We stopped at Fort Worth in Texas and provided me with an opportunity to review several of the rental GPS navigation devices we \'ve been testing.
Garmin, left, and Tom GPS devices all have guest calls and troubles.
We have a Garmin nü vi 880 and a TomTom Go 730.
Although these two price ranges are not necessarily the same, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Let\'s take a look at a few of them.
Of course, the more expensive this pair of shoes is, the Garmin nüvi 880 is equipped with a feature set that matches the price.
In theory, one of the better features is the drag-able map view, which can be easily accessed in driving mode by clicking on the map.
It allows you to view the current location from a \"top-down\" perspective, and you can locate new or alternate destinations by clicking on the map.
Unfortunately, this view quickly turns out to be useless in most cases, mainly because the map lacks detail and it is difficult to properly mark what is displayed (
It refuses to tag Las Vegas at any zoom level, but rather all suburbs).
We often find ourselves using the Google Maps app for the iPhone. reference;
Obviously, this is not what you expect.
End GPS at your disposal.
Otherwise, the Garmin interface performs quite well if the response speed is a bit slow.
It\'s easy to set the destination and add it by point, and there are menu options that allow you to reset
Manually or optimize the ordering point according to the route.
The automatic selection of day/night color mode is very convenient and although we would like to add more information, the high resolution display can display a lot of information next to the map.
Another driving mode screen shows a variety of data about your trip, such as travel distance and average speed (
Mobile and overall).
It also shows your current speed in a large circle, which is convenient for us at night because the scout\'s dashboard light is broken.
If you are brave enough to install such good equipment on your bike, this feature is also very useful when riding a bike.
When it comes to brackets, the mounting brackets and suction cups of this device are designed very well, and even in some very bumpy terrain it does not lose control of the windshield.
We did go through some wrong directions and bad routing choices and one of them caused us to miss the check
In the windows of our camp in Roswell, New Mexico, but overall, Garmin has more uses on the trip.
TomTom Go 730 may have more users
The interface is friendly, but it has a lower screen resolution than Garmin, and the map doesn\'t look very good in navigation mode.
It does a better job of displaying points of interest (POI)
However, the information on the map can be handy as you move forward.
We also like the ability to see the whole route on the map, but there doesn\'t seem to be a way to zoom in or out in that view.
Our speed and current speed limits are always displayed on the home screen along with the map, and this information is also customizable, allowing you to select the information you want to display.
We never noticed any slowness in the interface from tap to tap, the way to search for destinations by typing is more intuitive than Garmin and requires less tap.
TomTom\'s installation hardware leaves something that is needed because the suction cup has fallen off several times and the power cord is plugged into the bottom of the device, which interferes with the dashboard if you don\'t put the dashboard high enough.
Sometimes it is difficult for us to read the next turn information on the display because it is a bit small and not noticeable.
However, even if our windows are closed, the sound of the speakers is enough to overcome this problem most of the time.
At the end of the day, both units had a lot of talk and annoyance.
Of course, our use has not covered all the functions of any unit, especially those related to the use of computers to manage and update these functions.
However, hopefully our experience will help you to better understand what you might be in.
See you on the road! -
BrianPosted by: Brian HardyFiled moved again and paused at Winslow, Arizona, after: environmentRoad tripWe fixed the fuel filter issue.
Cody takes a break from the road. side repairs.
Here\'s how we worked on Sunday at the Arizona community in Kingman to get our 1978 International Harvesters back on track and complete our California-
Georgia road trip with biodiesel as fuel: after the late night release of scouts from restrictions on the Grand Canyon West Road, we slept for a while, had a good breakfast at Danny\'s house.
Then we started running errands every day, trying to get the Scouts back on the road --trip condition.
Our main task is to have the fuel tank clear all the various substances and residues we put into it for the past 1,200 miles.
We called various repair shops and truck stops for the first time but did not succeed.
We were then directed to the Big West Truck Center, a large semi-truck service store in town.
Thanks to the help of Steve and Debbie from the Great West, we were able to pump the tank with minimal hassle.
Apparently, what\'s inside smells a lot like acetone and has a very strange consistency --
Gold blocking things!
With this care, we wore past flight J\'s way to fill in some of the old harmless No.
2 diesel and use their parking lot as a temporary store to turn off our tank.
After the system starts up quickly, we start and run comfortably. Success!
Then it\'s time to clean up the two. and-a-
Cleared the desert dust for half a day from inside the scout.
We also took this opportunity to replace the air filter products and oil, which is what we should have done from the look of the filter.
Everything is going well here and the Scouts seem to be much happier about it.
Then we had some really delicious Mexican food at Alphonso restaurant as our last stop before leaving Kingman for Winslow.
Our original plan was to go to Taos in New Mexico for the weekend, but due to our unexpected troubles we had to cancel the plans and push it directly to Roswell --
CNN voted.
Com users in the other three options (
Ironically, including Winslow).
Our stay at Winslow was basically to split our driving hours into more manageable blocks.
We Monday 9:40 see. m. on CNN.
Live, when we show you the strange way we manipulate the fuel line to take us out of the Grand Canyon.
-BrianPosted by: Brian HardyFiled the old Nissan diesel engine in: environmentRoad tripThe Scout, there was no accident as of Friday morning and had taken us about 1,200 miles
Unfortunately, when we tried to leave the ranch in the west of the Grand Canyon, the events we were already wary of occurred: our fuel system was blocked.
Our defeated scout in the west of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
One problem with using biodiesel at high concentrations is that it tends to act as a powerful solvent on the various engine components it touches.
This causes anything made of rubber to break down prematurely, and on top of that, it also cleans up any gas in your engine and tank that may build up in your life as diesel.
In our case, what seems to be more painful is that the last person who installed the fuel line on the scout decided to use the elastic surgical plastic pipe, and our biodiesel did a short job.
It goes from the inside to the outside into a viscous substance that goes directly into our fuel filter.
We thought we were ready.
We have enough fuel lines to replace the surgical pipes.
The four spare filters we carry with us should provide an easy way to fix the rest of the filters, but we quickly find that they are not in the right size --
We are very upset.
Thank you very helpful staff and maintenance staff (Especially Dave)
We are able to change the deteriorating fuel lines and clean the fuel filters as thoroughly as possible.
Things seem to go well.
It\'s time to have a ranch lunch.
After lunch, we set out to leave again, but we only walked a few hundred feet before we had the same problem.
Dave from the repair company dragged us to their store and we spent another hour or so cleaning up the fuel filter and the broken syringe line and hope.
We left there, fingers crossed, reaching out in the middle of the road before the big blockage came back again, revenge.
And then, we\'re pretty crazy about how to solve this situation.
Our first thought was to join AAA and we did it.
It turned out that they refused to drag from where we were.
This is a waste of time, energy and money.
The only local barrier removal service we can reach requires $800 in cash.
So we ride with our new friend Dave, who will be home through the nearest city.
Finally, we came to where we are now: a motel in Kingman, Arizona.
We now have a new mission to get the Scouts back on as soon as possible.
We urgently need to find a new fuel filter and we may need to rent a car to do this.
While the transformation of this event is unfortunate, I think it is a good thing that nothing happens in the desert.
The journey must continue! -
Brian HardyFiled wrote in the road to the environment: Are you a cow head?
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