No partition and the characteristics of high efficiency filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
Filter products

no partition and the high efficiency filter is a product of the industrial development, the casing outside the material very much, such as the use of aluminum alloy profiles, or is blended in a multilayer frame, etc. The appearance of common on the market is cubic shape. The following will introduce you to everyone from different angles.

no partition and the high efficiency filter using the glass fiber, is currently in progress in the chemical fiber. Look from the international development situation, the use of ptfe fiber is the mainstream, it has with electrostatic effect, use rise very convenient. From the factory production standards, filter is very critical, it is often used in hot melt adhesive and it fit and mechanized production. Transportation is convenient, installation simple, can guarantee the work efficiency, using the wind speed of operation is more meaningful.

clean workshop in growing Numbers are beginning to be put into use without clapboard and high efficiency filter, and its application scope is more wide, after all, can also be higher to achieve the effect of high cleanliness, even if the environment is the change of temperature and humidity, also does not affect the grain problem. In the design of v-shaped channel, we can get change accordingly will let dust uniformity, so the equipment service life will be longer.

the above no partition is about the characteristics of high efficiency filter function is introduced, we also can provide professional custom services, such as reducing size and weight at the same time can also be further reduced, even so, the filter of the air volume will not be at all. So manufacturers have high expectations, if the air volume can be directly to the request of production department.

no clapboard and high efficiency filter is constantly updated, accessories in production, but it is important to note that all parts after anodizing, such ability form aluminum network protection, air tightness effect really stand out.

so, there is no partition and the performance of the hepa filter is very superior, it is not only the air filtration product efficiency of ascension, more can lower down the product resistance, so the energy saving effect is obvious.

know no barrier after the place of the superior and high efficiency filter, people will see its price, you can go to find suitable manufacturer cooperation, buying equipment conforms to the enterprise development. If later want to upgrade of equipment according to the development of the enterprise level, or directly to upgrade, manufacturer can also provide technical support.

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