No hepa air filter without clapboard, but better

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
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high efficiency air filter products is usually divided into hepa air filter and hepa air filter without two types. While the latter is to introduce the product in this paper. Its frame material consists of aluminum alloy, sandwich plate, aluminum plate, galvanized steel four types, among them, the excellent performance of aluminum alloy, the price is reasonable, the more popular with manufacturers, with relatively more. The shape of the extra box usually adopt cubic shape.

no hepa air filters filter material is mostly USES the glass fiber. In recent years, the chemical fiber material is becoming more and more popular. And imported from abroad with electrostatic ptfe fiber material is becoming more and more accepted by the domestic manufacturers and use. This kind of high efficiency air filter in the filter of the segmentation using hot-melt adhesive material, because there is no partition, so more convenient mechanized production. Moreover, hepa air filter without occupy small volume, less weight, convenient installation, high air filtration product efficiency, speed stability, etc.

someone will question the barrier performance of high efficiency air filter is no have a barrier? This is a must. In fact, many factories clean workshop if you need large quantities of filters, they tend to choose without clapboard structure. Because of the diaphragm filter division of the high efficiency air filter that is using aluminum foil and paper material, thus forming a certain air channel. For paper material, high quality point can choose kraft paper, need roll forming of the hot most choose to offset paper, but most of the two-sided glue coated paper, these types of printed material in dramatic changes in temperature or humidity, will send out a lot of a lot of particles, thus will cause the clean workshop clean degree can't meet the requirements. Therefore, if you need large quantities of filter, or to clean demanding situations, customers still choose no hepa air filter products will be better. At the same time, there is no partition price is relatively low. In addition, no clapboard type V sexual channels is more advantageous to raise the dust for uniform consistency, to prolong its service life. Moreover, due to no hepa air filter used no metal parts, so easier for waste gas treatment in scrap, thus more environmentally friendly.

visible, no partition efficient hepa air filter, air filter relative to have a better job. Due to no barrier, to a certain extent, reduce the size and quality of the air filter, so can reduce the resistance when in operation, so the air volume larger. In the same space, can produce greater air volume, more energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, because of small volume, light weight, easy to user's handling, installation, and simplify the daily maintenance work of maintenance personnel.

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