new concepts in modeling air filters for internal combustion engines.

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
Introduction correctly filtering the air flowing in the cylinder of the internal combustion engine is crucial to keep the engine running well in time.
Barriers to entering all kinds of air from atmospheric air greatly reduce wear
Remove from the moving parts of the engine.
Unfortunately, in addition to the air filtration function, the air filter products also shows important gases-
Dynamic resistance to absorbing air.
If the air filter is not cleaned regularly and the car operates frequently in the adusty area, both the absorption pressure pa and the filling coefficient V are significantly reduced (
Ratiu & Mihon, 2008).
At present, there are several constructive air filters on the market, which are different according to the filtration principle: * filters with filtration units;
* Inertia filter;
* Combine filters.
These air filters have the following disadvantages: * the presence of filter elements inside the box can cause gas enhancement
Dynamic resistance of absorbed Air (
The phenomenon of insufficient absorption);
* The storage of impurities inside the filter will affect the self-
Cleaning Properties of filter elements;
* The filter element cannot be visualized and must be removed to check the impurity level;
* The air filter does not significantly increase the speed at which the air is absorbed;
* The air filter cannot cool the absorbed air;
* It is not possible for the air filter to produce a slight feedback effect during engine operation. 2.
The inverted Super absorption filter consists of a cylindrical filter element, which borders on the front by an internal diffuser fused to the connecting cylinder.
At its rear, the cylindrical filter element is embedded in concentric-axially (
2/3 of lengthin a mono-
The block is complex and consists of an external diffuser for air collection, followed by a direction-inverter (fig. 1).
In order to obtain the best air collection and absorption yield, the reverse Super absorption filter is set along the geometric axis of the car (www. corneliugroup. ro). [
Figure 1 slightly]2.
1 Air Collection external diffuser with direction-
The inverter has an external diffuser with direction due to its geometry-inverter(pos. 1, fig. 1)
Ensure a very good collection to reverse the absorbed air flow by 180 [degrees]
So that the filter element is directed to the internal diffuser (
Export to filter).
External diffuser with direction
Overlay filter elements (pos. 2, fig. 1)(
2/3 of length)
From the outside of the element to a very precise distance, this ensures a reversal of the collection and air flow.
The cooling indicator is located outside the direction-inverter.
The cooling radiator consists of an outer wing covering 80% of the outer surface in the direction of the outer winginverter.
They keep the direction low-
Therefore, the inverter generates a heat balance between the wall surface and the absorbing air.
Therefore, the air temperature is significantly reduced before entering the air filter (www. corneliugroup. ro). 2.
2 Filter elements (pos. 2, fig. 1)
It\'s made of Micron.
Size board forming the side of the filter element (
In the radial part, Micron-
Size Cardboard has aW shape).
The cardboard ensures micron grade
Size filtering, covering the outside with a millimeter screen, which allows a rough millimeter-level filtering of the air. The micron-
The size cardboard and millimetre sieve are fixed at two open ends via a silicone ring for optimal sealing and concentric-
Symmetrical alignment with the internal diffuser and mono at the front
The block complex of the latter part. 2.
3 The Air-accelerated internal diffuser has a taper and ensures the connection between the contact surface and the engaging cylinder (pos. 3, fig. 1).
Thanks to its constructive geometry, the internal diffuser has the ability to increase the speed of absorbing air. Taper-
The cooling radiator is located outside the internal diffuser.
Due to their taper, they redirect the air flux to the external diffuser, which allows the concentrated flow of air and minimum gas
Dynamic resistance.
They maintain the low temperature of the diffuser, resulting in heat balance between the surface of the wall and the absorbed air.
Therefore, the air temperature decreased significantly before leaving the inverted filter.
The purpose of connecting the cylinder is to connect the air filter to the entrance gallery of the engine (www. corneliugroup. ro).
Air-accelerated internal diffuser, filter elements, and Monoblock complex (
External diffuser with directional air collection-inverter)
According to the displacement of the engine has a different size, so the larger the displacement, the larger the size and sub-size of the diffuserversa.
The reverse super-absorption filter improves the filling coefficient and is useful for engines that adopt air filters set in the opposite direction of the absorbed airflow (
Filters set at the rear of Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini engines). 3.
Experimental brackets include making simplified filters-out.
A series of pressure plugs are used to allow the determination of the pressure field when the air flows through the filter, improving the intake and absorption capacity (Alic, 2001).
The static pressure is measured in the external axial collector by the pressure plugs 1, 2, 3, 4 inside the filter element (
54 in length)
Through the plug 5, through the plug 6 at the entrance of the internal diffuser, through the plug 7 inside the engaging cylinder (fig. 2).
All of these pressure plugs are designed perpendicular to the airflow.
The dynamic pressure is measured on the basis of the inner cone of the plug 8, by the plug 9 at six it points of the internal diffuser, by the plug 10 at the outer surface of the internal diffuser (fig. 2).
These pressure plugs are designed to be axial to the airflow (
Panaitescu & Tcacenco, 2001).
Measurement using the digital force meter TESTO 510 (0-100hPa).
In the presence of the inner cone, a much higher collection yield was observed (fig. 2)
Compared to when the inner cone is missing.
The following figure shows the effect of the presence or absence of cones on the recorded pressure field. [
Figure 2:[
Figure 3 slightly]4.
Conclusion The inverted Super absorption filter has the following advantages: * The filter element ensures minimal gas contact in the case of direct air contact
The dynamic resistance of absorbing air, thereby increasing the level of air absorption and collection, thereby increasing the air filling coefficient of the engine cylinder;
* The possibility of filtering elements themselvescleaning;
* Impurity levels on the filter can be easily evaluated: filter elements can be easily visualized without pre-removal of the filter;
* The speed at which air is absorbed at the inlet and filter outlets is greatly increased;
* Significant capacity of air filters to cool and absorb air;
* The air filter produces a slight excess supply effect during engine operation, which is proportional to the speed of the car;
* In addition to the classic function of air filtration, this air filter has completed new tasks: increasing the degree of absorption and collection, the speed of absorbing air, cooling the absorbed air, reverse the air flow by 180 [degrees].
In the future, the author will emphasize the importance of numerical simulation of the airflow through the filter, for the different functional drive of the thermal engine, both for urban traffic and for out-of-town traffic.
Future research will focus on efficient air flow processes through filters and will be carried out through the \"computational fluid dynamics\" method.
In addition, the aim is to demonstrate the air intake effect through experimental measurements and compare the results with those obtained by numerical methods.
Note: This article is based on the author Birtok-
BaneasaCorneliu, appreciated at the following time: month.
In \"37-
The fourth International Exhibition of information, new technologies and products in Geneva 04.
2009, \"reverse super-absorption filter\" for the invention \"; 2.
Special Award for \"hair and creative youth research Salon\", Bucharest 11.
2008 a dynamic system of fair transfer for the paper; 3.
On the 11 th, he won the gold medal in the international Eureka competition Brussels. 2008; 4.
He won the gold medal in \"international invention and new technology Salon.
2008 the \"inverted Super-absorption filter\" of the invention \"; 5.
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