Need to remember the tianjin fine filter use matters needing attention

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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when using precision filter, want to make the equipment using the effect is more outstanding, want to let the equipment running more stable, want to let oneself of filtering is not work any safety accidents, some basic considerations in using precision filter is also need to attention, actually need to pay attention to what issues? Tianjin fine filter manufacturer to tell you.

in all kinds of knowledge to understand equipment

is first before using precision filter, need to understand the knowledge of fine filter, currently a lot of people in the use of fine filter, there will be a certain empirical work, which is in accordance with their own experience, to control the fine filter. But you know, the market is advancing, fine filter production technology is also in constant innovation, if in the case of don't know what to do some illegal operation, may lead to filter work be affected, not normal, may also cause equipment damage, are more likely to be threats to the personal safety of operators. So before using precision filter, need to study, understand the use of the fine filter specifications, in accordance with the normal use of process equipment.

in a timely manner to do a good job of cleaning equipment

the second is the need to do a good job of cleaning in time, if not clean maintenance for long time, some parts of the fine filter may appear the phenomenon of aging, some material may enter the external device, directly affect the precision filter air filtration product efficiency and service life. Tianjin fine filter manufacturers recommend, need before using precision filter, do fine filter cleaning plan, know in what time period for the equipment maintenance, the maintenance of what is needed in the process of maintenance, what kind of parts need to be replaced, so maintenance work more orderly and comprehensive.

after cleaning to do commissioning

to come after notice is in the normal maintenance is completed, need to do a good job in a test run to see if all numerical precision filter is normal, once appear, problem can be settled as soon as possible within a short period of time, and then into the normal work, precision filter is basically there is no problem, so we can guarantee the filtration efficiency, also can ensure the personal safety of operators.

tianjin fine filter manufacturers think, when using fine filters need to pay attention to the above these problems, this can let the fine filter stability and safety of ascension.

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