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Natural Allergy Treatment - Pleated Air Filters

Natural Allergy Treatment - Pleated Air Filters


One of the most general causes of allergy responses in people is general household dust which is a mixture of many allergens from chemicals to pet dander. Allergy responses can be mild case of sniffles to harsh respiratory reactions depending on the allergen. There is a dust in every house and you will never eliminate it fully. Just by moving around in your home you are causing dust particles to become air borne. Although you cannot fully get rid of dust, you can decrease the amount just by using an efficient pleated furnace filter.

Pleated furnace filters are just a panel filter that utilizes folds or pleats in the filter material to increase its surface place. Because of the pleated design of the filter, more surface place is created for dust to be collected and a more competent filtering material can be used. Pleated filters are an upgrade from disposable fiberglass furnance filters which are extremely ineffective at removing dust.

Many of the best brands of pleated furnace filters accessible today are produced with an electrostically charged charged synthetic media. This electrostatic feature improves the filters capability to trap microscopic dust particles. If you suffer from allergies these filters may support to decrease symptoms because they are extremely efficient at removing allergens from the air. Pleated furnace will generally last from thirty to ninety days before they have to be changed but you should follow producers advises.

Pleated furnace filters are a  quite inexpensive way to clean the air, and they are generally rated at over 97 percent efficient at removing allergens. These filters can have a big impact on your allergy symptoms and generally will get rid of them fully. Definitely, if you are taking medication to stop your allergies you should not prevent taking your medication before talking to your doctor.

If you are looking for allergy relief, pick a filter with a MERV rating of 12. These provide the top performance while still having the least impact on equipment competence. Also pick a filter that has a strong construction and will not collapse from the air force. Some brands provide high efficiency but fall short in standard. The higher the MERV rating the filter has the more competent it will be at filtering allergens from the air.

If you are interested in controlling your allergies in a more natural way and resist taking drug, a pleated air filter will be extremely helpful. They are efficient at removing air borne allergens from your house. They provide a big range of efficiencies between MERV 5 and 12 and are quite affordable. Many brands also resist the growth of mildew and mold. These allergies generally grow undetected in air conditioning tool and release spores into the air which can be difficult for allergy sufferers.

These are the best of the line relating to pleated panel filters. They can trap the little of the mold and allergens from the air. This is because of the filter stuff which is used acts like a magnet and so hauls the dirt particles to the filter media into providing them a chance to go through.

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