nasa makes historic rendezvous with ancient asteroid, prepares to collect a sample

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
NASA asteroid defense system artist\'s impression of Osiris
Rex spacecraft near the asteroid Bennu
Source: After a two-year journey, a NASA spacecraft arrived at its destination and had a historic rendezvous with an ancient asteroid, a key mission for NASA.
NASA\'s robotic explorer, Osiris
Rex is less than 19 kilometers away from diamonds.
This morning, the first person to visit the fragments of the early solar system, Bennu, has been around for billions of years.
The probe will get closer in the coming days and enter orbit around Benu on New Year\'s Eve.
$1 target.
The 1 billion unmanned mission is to study ancient asteroids and return rock samples to Earth, allowing scientists to observe the early days of the universe.
This is the first time the United States has tried to collect samples of asteroids to return to Earth, which has only been completed by Japan so far.
This historic mission heralds an unprecedented insight into the early days of the universe.
Source: Just a week after NASA successfully landed a spaceship on Mars, the staff got excited again this morning as flight controllers applauded and exchanged high prices
Once it is confirmed that the probe has arrived in Bennu, there are five times.
\"Feel at ease, proud and anxious when you start exploring!
\"Dante Lawrence, chief scientist at the University of Arizona, wrote on Twitter.
Achievement unlock: \"Here we are!
\"Our @ OSIRISREx mission has reached the asteroid Bennu, where it will take nearly a year to do mapping and research to find a safe location to collect samples. Watch: pic. twitter.
The spacecraft will now take about a year to map and study Bennu to find a safe location for collecting samples.
Then, in 2020, it will stretch out its robotic arm, with a kind of height called \"mild-five”.
The unit uses a circular device similar to the car air filter products and a reverse vacuum to stir and collect dust, designed to grab about 60 grams of material from the surface of the asteroid.
If everything goes as planned, OSIRIS-
Rex will return to Earth with samples in 2023, which may help us to record the early history of the solar system and better understand the molecular pre-mass of the origin of life.
Osiris, September 2017-
Rex flew over the Australian sky, carrying a slingshot in the direction of Benu called Earth gravity assist.
Professor Phil brand from the University of Curtin in Western Australia is OSIRIS-
The Rex science team and help astronomers closely observe the action.
\"One of the reasons why we want to go to asteroids is that since the formation of the solar system, these materials have not changed much, so they can tell us a lot about how planets come together, \"He told the news. com. au at the time.
\"There are a lot of very big questions that we don\'t have.
American national aviation space agency said
This will also provide researchers with a unique opportunity to observe the Earth.
Source: SuppliedBennu, about 500 m in diameter, is the smallest object in human orbitMade a spaceship.
It also has a noteworthy feature, that is, the threat to us is very small.
According to NASA, Bennu is considered \"one of the most potentially dangerous asteroids\" because it had a 2135 chance of colliding with Earth in 2700.
Why chose Bennu?
There are more than 500,000 known asteroids in the solar system, so why did NASA choose Bennu?
At the time of the mission\'s Asteroid selection in 2008, more than 7000 asteroids were known
Called Near Earth Objects (NEOs)
But there are only 192 tracks, which means they are close enough to reach. After a two-
This year, a NASA spacecraft has reached the first visitor in billions of years-the ancient asteroid Bennu.
Image: NASASource: APThe carbon
The rich asteroid is selected from about 500,000 asteroids in the solar system, because its orbit is close to the Earth\'s orbit around the sun, and is the appropriate size for scientific research, it\'s one of NASA\'s oldest known asteroids.
Benu is about 0. 129 billion kilometers away from the Earth.
The most primitive asteroid is carbon.
Since they formed nearly 4 billion years ago, it has become rich and has not changed significantly, and Bennu happens to be one of the few asteroids on the list with the correct carbon composition.
Its 500 m diameter makes it stable enough to accommodate the spacecraft, as smaller-diameter asteroids rotate faster, creating problems for such missions.
For example, an asteroid with a diameter of less than 200 rotates so fast that loose matter on its surface can be ejected from it.
For the first time, the Japan Aerospace Research and Development Agency has proved that it is possible to collect samples from asteroids.
JAXA\'s Hayabusa spacecraft crashed
It landed on the surface of the target asteroid on 2010 and managed to return several micrograms of material. —
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