moisture effect on particulate matter filtration performance using electro-spun nanofibers including density functional theory analysis

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
In this study, we use density functional theory (DFT)
Study on the influence of moisture on the properties of three kinds of nano-fibers (NF)-based air-
Filter media prepared by electrostatic spinning poly (vinyl alcohol, Poly-difluoride and pan (PAN).
Fourier transform calculation based on the interaction between nuclear factors and molecules
PAN-based filter media and water molecules-
It is expected that the NF filter will show the best performance in wet condition.
Experimental studies have also been successful in proving
NF filter media have better performance in filtering particulate matter (PM)
Half than business
Efficient granular air filters in wet conditions, these results are very consistent with the density theoretical calculations. The PAN-
NF filter shows better performance due to its hydrophilic properties and relatively low filter media thickness, which makes its PM-
Filtering performance.
Particulate matter pollution in the airmatter (PM)
Due to rapid industrialisation and population growth, this is a serious concern for developing countries.
Coarse PM with a diameter of less than 10 μm is also known as PM, mainly derived from road dust, agricultural dust, construction sites, mining operations and similar activities.
Fine PM measuring less than 2.
The diameter is 5 μm, called PM, which is mainly caused by fuel combustion and combustion.
When PMs are inhaled by the human body, they cause serious problems in the heart and lungs.
Therefore, PM has recently been designated as the first group of carcinogens by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC)
World Health Organization (WHO).
Guidelines have been developed to limit the average exposure to a maximum of 10 μg/m for PM per year and at 24-h period.
Therefore, many studies have been done on the capture and removal of PM such as electric dust collector, catalytic filter, cyclone separator, wet washer and fabric filter.
Among them, nano-fibers (NF)-based air-purification (or filtration)
In recent years, due to the high performance of the technology is particularly interesting (
Low pressure drop, high filtration efficiency and dust
Holdings), durability (
High service life
Temperature stability and flexibility)
High productivity (large-
Regional production and mass production).
To support this technology, different types of air filters have been developed using NFs of polymers such as Poly alcohol (PVA)
, Polyfluoride (PVDF)
, And pan (PAN).
So far, many surveys (
Structural and chemical properties;
Pore size, bulk density, pore size, specific surface area, etc. )
Improvements have been made in changing manufacturing conditions to improve the performance of NF.
However, the polymer NF-
Air-based filters are only considered in environments with low humidity.
Although it is actually used in environments with low humidity, the need to develop washable filters is high and can be reused after washing.
Therefore, it is inevitable to study the filtration performance and durability of NF-α.
Filter media based on high air
Use the previous humidity environment.
Our motivation for this study is for NF-
Based on air filter products media, PM can be effectively captured even in high humidity environments.
We made three different types of polymers. NF-
The air filtration medium was prepared by electrostatic spinning method and the change of filtration performance in wet state was studied.
In addition, the NF-
The filter media and water molecules are analyzed based on density function theory (DFT)
Compared with the experimental results.
And business halfhigh-
Air Efficiency of particles (semi-HEPA)
Filter media, NF-
It is observed that the performance recovery based on filter media is relatively fast.
Especially pan
NF filter media show excellent performance in restoring filtration capacity.
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