Mist filter using common sense, you have mastered?

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

mist filter itself is a kind of high-tech equipment, has the excellent filtering effect, often used in different industries and areas. Now because of its using range, to use common sense has become the focus. Let's look at together.

mist filter notes on the use of common sense

priority, choose regular professional manufacturers purchase, so in addition to being able to guarantee the overall filter performance, can also guarantee the fine filter material. In the later use process can bring effective filtering effect.

2, each model and category of mist filters configured with its own operating instructions, the staff in the installation and operation, must read the instructions, to achieve a better effect to use.

the third, the work efficiency of this kind of filter is a lot of groups are very care about, only the efficiency to meet the daily needs of customers, can really bring convenience to customers, usually droplets drops to below 75 mg/Nm3 such standards.

4, mist filter operation of the work environment is very important, you should make sure this kind of filter to exclude interference factors, and the need to guarantee the equipment running work condition can apply corresponding flue gas load.

5, now filter device also need to have resistance to high temperature performance, it is a lot of customers are very pay attention to, in general, common mist filters work on market to adapt to the temperature in the range eighty to ninety degrees, so as to ensure the safety of the staff.

6, now the types of filter and model more and more, different sizes and specifications, suggest you test it before you buy installation of space, running environment, so as to make the choose and buy of better air filtration product equipment for installation and use.

7, in the process of cleaning, must pay attention to each of the structure of the cleaning method, especially for nozzle, good flushing water injection Angle in a 90 - Among 125 degrees this range, it can ensure that all blades are covered.

in addition to the above, recommend according to the usage of this kind of filter unit, further establish a perfect and effective maintenance insurance scheme, so as to ensure a mist filter operation more efficient and can satisfy the basic needs of different areas of business users.

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