let your car breathe with fresh and clean air filters

by:Booguan     2020-08-31
Humans need clean air to breathe, and while your car may be a machine, it also needs to have clean, breathable air like you do.
The air filter makes this possible.
They prevent contaminants that affect engine performance and cabin air quality.
As you may know, air filters are a line of defense for your car engine and for you personally, so their importance cannot be overstated.
Regularly check and clean the engine and cabin air filters to ensure engine performance and internal comfort.
Engine air filter
Cabin air filter: What\'s the difference?
Both the engine and cabin air filters can capture dirt particles, but the difference is that the former can prevent contamination and damage to engine pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls and bearings (
Also includes air flow sensors in modern vehicles)
The latter is responsible for keeping the air entering the cabin clean and free of dust, pollen, bacteria and harmful waste gas that may enter the air conditioning system of the vehicle.
The location of the engine and cabin air filter is also different-when the engine filter is placed somewhere near the engine, you can usually find the cabin air filter products as well as the air conditioning housing in the cabin.
Different types of air filters are used in today\'s vehicles with four different air filter types.
These include: how to clean the air filter of the car usually needs to be replaced every year as recommended in the owner\'s manual, or every 20,000 to 25,000, however, cleaning the air filter of the car is something you can do on your own.
There are several preferred ways to do this-one is to clean with the recommended cleaning solution and the other is to vacuum.
Both have their own advantages-because while cleaning will make your air filter cleaner, it takes more time before the filter is completely dry again.
On the contrary, vacuuming is a faster process, but it may not remove more contaminants like washing.
In order to clean the air filter of the car, you must: Do you have any questions about the air filter of the car?
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This article first appeared in Carmudi Philippines to let your car breathe fresh and clean air filters.
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