Learn to know design characteristics of correct selection of stainless steel filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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relative to the other filters, stainless steel filter structure is more complex. Its structure has upper and lower two cavity, each equipped with different specifications of the filter element. In addition to housing and filter structure, also a backwash mechanism, differential pressure controller. Advantage is to reduce the filter size, increase filter space at the same time, in order to improve efficiency.

in use process, the liquid will first came to the inferior vena, penetrate to baffle hole inside cavity, through the process of impurities trapped down, clean liquid through cavity again after complete the air filtration product process. Thus it can be seen that it features advanced, especially the amazing efficiency, simple operation, technical staff can learn. Now the filter is the application scope of oil paper industry, there will be some centralized purchasing metallurgy, chemical industry factory.

the following, we can focus on studying the design characteristics of stainless steel filter.

in the first place, it has the patent technology, has a very high-end mechanical structure inside, can wash and clean up with no dead Angle, and will not affect the flux of high and low. This kind of design can not only prolong the service life, still can make the impurities in the filter is cleared out.

second, stainless steel filter material with good quality and select stainless steel wedge filter, compared with the ordinary mesh on market, its accuracy is high, bearing pressure is very strong, also won't corrode. Studies have found that this filter filtration precision is 25 micron, exciting.

later, it has the retrieval efficiency, can automatically manage, even if water quality fluctuation don't stubborn, don't need through human intervention. It does not need to use the material, need not worry about the service life of wearing parts, we can set time according to using requirements, conform to the requirements of artificial intelligence.

it seems that the stainless steel filter design is very much, so a lot of people are flocking to purchase. At present there are many domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of the filter, and many have high reputation in the market. To count up, stainless steel filter characteristics is more than that, it covers an area of small, for example, can mobile installation at any time, also very environmental protection and so on. Once after the purchase, can directly use more than a decade. If you are choosing filter, may wish to consider this type.

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