Knowledge of the clean-up of filter bag filter equipment is introduced

by:Booguan     2020-11-20

in the use of the process of air filtration product equipment, filter convenience to people, but many people don't know is in the bag filter equipment play an important role in the filter, it will also have a dirty day, therefore, to the problem of the filter purification clean you also want to focus on. Next, we'll introduce you to this knowledge, I hope you can learn through our introduction.

purification clean knowledge of filter bag filter equipment is introduced:

first of all, let's introduce the service life of filter bag filter equipment. In fact, the service life of different filter is different, short of two or three months, long can reach for a year or two, of course, for different usage, the service life of filter will also be affected. Sometimes we have idle equipment, such as bag filter equipment in there for a year or two have not used, so we are certainly won't go to pipe it filter cleaning maintenance problems, but before reuse, you will need to focus on its screen pack have affected by the surrounding environment, whether to have accumulated more stains, if any will clean well and then to use again. For daily use is relatively frequent consumers, the frequency of daily cleaning, the service life of filter will be shorter, but not frequently used filter service life is longer. In daily use process we suggest you to make a clean screen pack, timely after reaching the service life will be replaced in a timely manner.

second, different brand of filter bag filter equipment cleaning method. Different brands of filter, their characteristics and service life is different, you can refer to the businessman when using this instruction manual, method of reference in the filter cleaning and cleaning rules. In addition we want to remind you that the late bag filter equipment are in need for filter replacement, suggest that choose to replace the filter on the original factory, so compatibility and use effect is good.

in the end, for everybody to pay attention to the choice of cleaning tools. Filter bag filter equipment is relatively weak, if use sharp cleaning tools for maintenance, so the surface of the filter hole is relatively easy to be broken off or deformation, therefore, at the time of cleaning, we suggest to choose some relatively soft cloth to wipe, lest the screen damaged.

that is we bring you the filter bag filter equipment cleaning and maintenance of relevant knowledge, through our introduction, hope everyone can learn.

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