Know patio cotton basic characteristics

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter cotton

in numerous filtering products, raise cotton filtering level is higher, the level of overall hit F5. The product characteristics, customer's favor. The following introduction is very professional, hope to help you purchase.

the use of the first look at the patio cotton USES, it can have the effect of prevention and control of pollution, and have played in the field of public construction. Electronics industry or the pharmaceutical industry is also often used to raise cotton, it is plays the role of the prefiltering, usually combined with small and medium-sized air air filtration product system to use.

in surface coating industry, in particular, obviously raise the use of cotton, at this point it is the end of the filter effect, the spray paint interior is common. To achieve filtering capabilities, we have many in choosing a patio cotton material is exquisite, it is using a synthetic fiber, essentially has the ability of resistance to fracture, performance is very high, and a very fine non-woven bag processing.

if observations on the market sales prospects, you will find many products of increasing structure has been adopted, the density of its fiber overall arrangement of the situation, the purpose is to enhance the filtering effect, it can be repeatedly used, reduce the cost. And patio cotton also has carried on the viscosity, it is because of the infiltration media, we can prevent dust particles through, the effect is very good.

if you want to buy patio cotton, can have a look at it industry standards, especially the fire retardancy is important to note that the current European DIN53438 - most people will concern F1。 Can raise cotton on to use so much of the environment, is the relative humidity is very high, because it reached a high level.

patio cotton parameters of different manufacturer production, give people the choice of different also, we can compare the resistance and end resistance at the beginning of the two values are 30 pa, pa 450. And its continuous heat resistance and moment resistant temperature reached 100 ℃ and 120 ℃ respectively, and the standard thickness is 22 mm, made visible indicators are very fine.

to know the basic scope and characteristics of the patio cotton, we can be bought. When the choose and buy must pay attention to its multi-layer technology and density level, at the same time to test the resistance to high and low, this is a very economic and practical filtering products, but also can be repeated washing, not wasted, occupies an important position in the market.

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