keep your furnace happy all winter long

by:Booguan     2020-09-07
At this time of year, the snow fell, the temperature plummeted and the stove broke down.
Although we rely on the stove to keep our home warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, many of us will not consider it again until the stove is broken, that is. eieihome.
Com spoke with Bill Watson of an air-heating and cooling company in Toronto
The company that has been providing furnace and air conditioning installation, service and repair for more than 20 years, about how to give your stove the love and attention it needs to keep you warm and comfortable all winter.
Check the filter regularly.
According to the manufacturer\'s specifications, you should replace the furnace filters three to four times a year, Watson said.
Checking the filter frequently will help to ensure that the stove operates at the best capacity.
\"Dirty or clogged stove filters will limit the amount of air your stove can use to distribute warm air at home and will bring unnecessary pressure and wear to the parts of the stove, Watson said.
Regularly arrange furnace cleaning and inspectionups.
Watson recommends you check the stove once a year.
Qualified technicians can check the current status of the furnace and can advise you if there is any problem with your equipment.
\"The whole idea is to reassure homeowners about the reliability of their stoves so they can avoid a breakdown at two o\'clock A. M. or holiday weekend,\" said Watson . \".
Cleaning the stove once a year will eliminate dust and debris, which will help extend the life of the stove and help improve efficiency, which means that your spending on electricity bills will be reduced.
The best time to clean is in the fall or spring, any major renovations after the renovation will cause a large number of debris to be trapped in the return air pipe, limiting the best efficiency of the stove. Re-
Tidy up your basement.
Avoid storing chemicals, paint and paint thinners near the stove.
\"You want as much fresh clean air as possible around the stove,\" Watson said . \".
Avoid clogging the return air pipes with sofas and furniture, as plugging these pipes also limits the air volume provided to the furnace and reduces efficiency.
Don\'t be trapped there by a broken stove this winter.
Instead, contact the furnace specialist in air heating and cooling. Visit www. airplus. Ca, or call 416-298-6874. —Visit eieihome.
Com learn more about furnace maintenance suggestions, including \"winter furnace maintenance is essential\", read the contractor\'s comments and find local service professionals.
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