johnson matthey sees clean air unit profit lower; unit boss retires

by:Booguan     2020-09-07
July 17 (Reuters)-
Chemicals group Johnson Mattel said on Wednesday that the head of its clean air department will resign and is expected to resign in full
The annual profit of units that make pollution filters for cars and trucks is lower than the previous year.
The company, which earns most of its revenue from clean air, said that John Walker will retire after 35 years of work at the company and will be replaced by Joan Braga, currently president of Tate and Laer catering solutions.
Johnson Mattel, one of Europe\'s leading auto catalyst producers, said in another statement that it remained adequate
Even if its clean air unit fights higher, the annual forecast does not change --than-
The expected cost of its European car business. (
Said Yadarisa Shabong is in Bangalore.
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