jersey city auto repair shop ripped off customer: abc news report

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
According to the ABC News Watch, which aired last night, the competent cars at Bay Street in Jersey City may not be as good as their names suggest. The 9-
The Minuite report accused the store of not only charging women twice as much as men for the same service, but also replacing brand new air filters and charging her for unnecessary fees.
ABC News reporter Elizabeth ilemie mechanic Audra Fortin and two ABC employees went to five auto repair shops in New York and New Jersey, see if a female customer and a male customer will be charged for the same service
These women and men, armed with hidden cameras, fled to the Jersey City store with two 2011 Ford cars, the same problem: Fordin burned the fuse of the windshield wiper to make them
Fordin says the $4 part is a simple solution that is the only problem when two cars are brought into the store.
Click here to watch the video.
It is reported that the cost of repairing the windshield wiper for these people is $85, but when Leamy and Fordin bring their car, more \"seems\" to be wrong
Although Fordin has installed an original air filter, Mickey, manager of Able, told her that it needs to be replaced in addition to the wires and wiper fuses.
Total number of women: $170.
This includes a new air filter, Valve and wire.
A hidden camera from the show shows that the female clean air filter products is removed.
When Mickey, the store manager who did not want to give his surname, returned the parts that had been replaced, he showed them a colored air filter containing small pebbles of \"dry oil, \"The Repair Shop is used to absorb the absorbing sand of a slight oil leak.
In the coverage broadcast today, Mickey said he had recognized ABC reporters and just gave them the \"drama\" they wanted \".
\"We always knew it was them, so we screwed them up,\" Mitch told The Jersey Daily today . \".
\"I know it\'s childish, but we\'re just playing a second car.
\"The owner, Julio Clavijo, said he was upset that all the hard work since buying the place a year ago could have been ruined by the stupidity of his own staff.
\"What Mickey did, playing around, is wrong,\" Clavijo told The Jersey daily . \".
\"We are all working very hard to build the business, and that could ruin it.
\"The store manager said the TV reports were deceptive, claiming that the men had asked for a shift and paid for it, while Leamy and Fordin insisted that he replace air filters, valves and lines.
Mechanic Fordin was not in her store in New York today and did not respond to a comment.
ABC News said in a statement that it supports the story.
\"Although the air filter in the car is brand new, the air filter products has been replaced by Able Autoworks;
Claims that the wiper on the car is not working due to line problems, but then there is no wiring work and charges for this;
\"We need a new PCV valve to charge it, but it doesn\'t actually change it,\" the statement wrote . \".
\"All these facts are recorded by multiple hidden cameras.
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