is your car killing you? if left unchanged, a £10 air filter can trap harmful allergens and bacteria

by:Booguan     2020-09-01
Fungi may fill your lungs as you drive, as old and dirty air filters can capture harmful bacteria that spread through your car\'s vents.
Volkswagen is now urging drivers to replace car parts on a regular basis, which could cost only £ 10.
The automaker found that commercial vehicle owners for more than a quarter did not frequently change filters.
Especially for hayfever patients, this is important because from 12-year-
High pollen count
Causing what the public says is filter flu.
Millions of people were unable to work due to allergies this summer, and every hayfever of British businesses lost nearly five days
According to the British Allergy company, the company\'s employees were seriously affected.
The NHS also recommends that all drivers buy pollen filters for their car vents.
In addition to allergens, the filter captures dust, soot and fungal spores, while the carbon filter-
Or specifically, the micro-filtration layer of activated carbon-
Can absorb air pollution.
Clean filters can also help the driver\'s visibility by clearing foggy windows faster.
Filter replacement usually does not exceed 30 minutes-
They are usually found under the glovebox compartment.
While you should not consider replacing the cabin filter, the manufacturer recommends replacing it every 10,000 kilometers15,000.
However, drivers in heavily polluted areas or drivers who drive frequently
It is possible to consider changing the filter every 5,000 miles.
The public also urged serious hayfever patients to replace pollen filters before and after the summer, especially those who often drive to work, such as truck drivers. Trevor Hodgson-
Phillips, head of services and components for Volkswagen commercial vehicles, said: \"Whether it\'s an off-road vehicle or a driver, downtime is still a huge problem for truck users.
\"We recommend that truck owners replace old air filters before summer to reduce the pain of pollen heat, and it is equally important to replace clogged filters before winter, especially after a record year of pollen
\"This is an example of fast, low-cost maintenance that helps drivers and vans stay on the road.
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